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 To the Edge of the World(Permission Via Skype)

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To the Edge of the World(Permission Via Skype) - Page 2 Empty
PostSubject: Re: To the Edge of the World(Permission Via Skype)   To the Edge of the World(Permission Via Skype) - Page 2 EmptyMon Mar 26, 2012 10:37 pm

Kai stood watching in silence. Her eyes narrowed when she saw what was going on. Uncharacteristic was an understatement, and as for puberty, well that was more believable seeing as a woman is at times a hormone driven weapon of mass destruction. Still this was just a tad drastic even for that. The doll was the source of this odd scene, but Kai didn't know what to make of it. She decided to stand quietly for a few more moments to see what Mu would do with this, but if it came down to it she'd step in.


With all the on goings Flynn thought it best to watch this insane and admittedly arousing fight. It just got better and better as the clothing decided to butt out. Sure I'm being paid to get rid of her, but that doesn't mean I can't enjoy some of the fringe benefits beforehand.

Mu grunted as each link of the sword passed through his wound. There wasn't much he could do right now being tied to Millia so he decided to observe what was happening. Millia was acting strange which Mu didn't really find surprising...she always did seem to have an attachment to him...but that was neither here nor there...then again this could all just be an after effect of being slammed on her head so many times...a small girl can only be hit there so many times.

Mu decided that this had gone on too far and soon Millia's newfound powers would be putting the crew of both ships in danger. Mu knew what he had to do...and he didn't like it because it would leave both of them out of commission. Mu sighed but knew what he must do...but first he needed to break free of Millia's sword.

Mu started to tickle Millia's sides sending her into a fit of laughter which loosened the whip enough for him to shatter the links with a force of power. Mu jumped up and landed on top of the cabin and turned to Izzy. "Izzy...your in charge until I come back...i trust you...remember what i have taught you about being a Captain..." With that Mu jumped up on the air and threw his bells into the air. They grew and grew until they became colossal orbs one glowing red the other glowing green. " forced me to do this...for if that power keeps flowing through you will die." Mu roared and thrust out his hands and two long blades appeared in his hands. He threw these down at Millia which pierced her hands to the deck leaving no physical wounds but instead trapping her very essence to the deck. He summoned two more swords and did the same to her feet. Mu then showed an emotion that noone had ever seen before...sadness. He looked on with sadness because he hated what he had to do...but it would save many lives. Mu landed next to Millia as she struggled violently power coursing through her uncontrollably. He put his hand on hers and kissed her forehead and whispered in her ear, "I am sorry for this hell...if it helps i will feel every bit of pain you feel...and more...someday I hope you will forgive me for this." That being said Mu stood again and his mask of determination once again resumed its place upon his face. The only thing different was the slight twinkle of regret barely visible in Mu's eyes. Mu once again jumped high and summoned his strength and pointed at each of the for swords and then clapped his hands together. The sky grew dark and Meri and Geri, the two colossal bells, glowed even brighter each letting out two beams of lightning which attached themselves to the swords. Millia screamed as the lightning coursed through her very soul flowing form her mouth and ears and eyes. The same cry was then heard from Mu's mouth as the same thing happened to him.

Mu started falling to the deck but this time a beam from Meri hit him in the chest and he immediately dissipated, a beam from Geri did the same to Millia. Suddenly from each bell several beams erupted and attached themselves to each of the members of both pirate crews. Meri swallowed Kei, Kai, Grey, Ren. Geri taking Ai, Izzy, the mysterious stranger, and Lelu.

Each party found themselves in a dark expanse bright enough for them to just barely see each other. The expanse ran forever in all directions. In the middle of each of the groups Millia and Mu respectively lay still both wrapped head to toe in blood stained bandages. On each of their chests there lay an identical note seemingly written and signed by Mu.

The letter read as such:
Dear whoever so reads this letter,

Welcome to hell. I recently had discussion with our human resources directors Meri and Geri and they informed me that our crew to crew relationships are not where they need to be for a health environment. So I took it upon myself to take some time to promote better relationships between you all. While Millia and myself recover you will be watched over by Meri and Geri who will constantly remind you that unless you learn to play nice and put your grudges behind you none of you will make it out of here alive. Also a thing to note, while inside this dimension non of you will age because time does not exist here... neither does hunger. Good luck to you all...I hope to see your bright smiling faces soon. Remember as employees of Mu Con Co. you represent the companies finest. Also....if you succeed you all get to keep your year end bonus and the company Christmas party.
CEO. Mu of the Bells.

Izzy looked at the letter, and twitched ever so slightly. He realized that under this mandate, he would be forced to settle his issues with Ai before he did anything else.

"Damn you Captain...Always being a pain in my ass..."

Izzy grunted and looked over at Ai.

"Well, you saw it, we have to make up in order to get out of this place. Well, let's get started then." He said coldly, staring at Ai, waiting for a response.

Lelu was so confused as to what was going on. Amongst the confussion were several other emotions. This fight was so exciting in the intensity and amount of sheer power, but for that very same reason she was terrified to the point of absolute stillness.

Breaking her from her thoughts was the man from earlier, Izzy. He was talking to Ai now. What all had she missed around her? Lelu had been watching the fight so intently that she didn't even notice that she was clutching her tail tightly in her tiny hands. Realeasing her tail she sighed inwardly knowing that would be sore later. After letting go of her tail she moved to stand slightly behind Ai instead of slightly infront so that it would be easier for her to communicate to the man.

As the darkness enclosed around everyone, and knowing, to some extent, of Millia's absorption capabilities, Ai became nervous as she looked around as she prepared to see a ghost or spirit while in her realm. As Lelu walked behind Ai she instinctively backed into Lelu's arms as she began to see spirits fading in and out around the realm around them. Either completely ignoring Izzy, or having been too scared to give a solid reply Ai only said one thing before her eyes grew wide with fear, "Ethereal realm..." She said as her head quickly turned to each passing spirit of those that Millia had absorbed in the past. "I don't want to be in here!! I want to go back to the Material realm!" She began to yell in fear as she began to shudder. From the strange words she used, Ethereal and Material realms, she accidentally told everyone around her that she did indeed know more of Millia then she had let on earlier, but in her fear she let this information slip as tears began falling down her cheeks.

Ren didn't say anything as he the spirit talked tothem, but instead got up and paced around the group silently as he kept his thoughts to himself. Kei seemed to have been put into this realm later then the rest as he was in the decks of the ship at the time this went on.

Kei knew exactly what had happened even as he was being brought into this realm, and as he entered his old scowl was on his face as he quietly, but angrily said, "I don't have time for this shit. Couldn't you have figured out a better way to handle this?!"

Izzy groaned as he watched Ai crumble to the ground in tears, then walked over and lifted her up by her arm.

"Alright, how about you start by explaining what YOU think is going on here and taking a few deep breaths, then maybe we can get back to attempting to play nice."

Izzy really didn't care WHERE they were, all that mattered was that because his captain had suddenly realized they needed to get along, he couldn't take care of Orlanna. That made him mad. Very mad.

"I-I don't know what is going on.." Ai lied as she lightly shook Izzy's grip off of her while she backed to Lelu again. "All I that Mu used his power to force Millia's power to let it disperse, possibly.." Ai said as she closed her eyes so she can't see the spirits around her.

Izzy sighed in mild frustration.

"Then how about not worrying about it? You and I have bigger fish to fry than just worrying about where the hell we are. We have to sort things out if we wanna get out of here, so get talking."

Izzy was normally never this cold or abrupt, but he was annoyed now, and he wanted to just go back to working on his ship, the sooner he got out of here to do it, the better.

"Shut UP!" Kai retorted to Kei's outburst. "No one wants to be here less than I do." She put her hands on her hips "It's not a surprise to me that my brother still has a knack for losing his composure, despite all those years he had to mature."


Flynn looked at Izzy and Ai "I don't have a qualm with anybody here, so it seems I'm good to go." He chuckled "Wake me when you've sorted it out." He then tipped his hat and went to sleep standing up.

"Your so mean Iz..." Ai said as she held onto Lelu. "BU-but the only way we can get out of here, has already been stated..b-b-b-by that ghost there.." She said with a stutter. She paid no attention towards the stranger.


"You be silent, Kai" He said angrily, but for some reason had an expression change on his face as he listened to what he said. His face seemed to lighten up on his anger as he sighed. "Well what do we need to do to get out of here?" He asked with a yawn.
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To the Edge of the World(Permission Via Skype) - Page 2 Empty
PostSubject: Re: To the Edge of the World(Permission Via Skype)   To the Edge of the World(Permission Via Skype) - Page 2 EmptyMon Mar 26, 2012 10:40 pm

Izzy sighed, putting a hand to his face.

"Mean or not, it doesn't matter right now. We have to deal with our little history if we ever want to get out of here, so like I keep saying, how about we start with you, eh?"

Kai noticed the odd expression on Kei's face, and due to some shred of mercy, decided not to go for the verbal jugular. "It is my understanding we have to come to some sort of truce." She cringed on the last word. The thought of coming to an understanding was absolutely revolting, after all that was said and done throughout the years, this would be quite the undertaking.

"Wh-why start with me?" Ai asked shakily, eyes still closed to the spirits around them. "I-I-I'm.....already okay with being around you...." She said carefully.

"Kai, I already accept you, it is you who needs to accept me." Kei said boldly as one could suddenly notice his energy beginning to become seemingly low once again.

Izzy just stared at her for a minute and laughed.

"CLEARLY! Clearly you're fine with being around me, as shown by our little conversation aboard the ship earlier! Obviously you still hold something against me, as I honestly don't give a damn either way about us! All I want now is to go back to my work, you can do whatever you please!"

"Gaahhh! Stop being so pathetic! I don't know what you're talking about!" She threw her arms up in frustration. "I do however, know something's wrong with you, I can feel it, but don't expect any more sympathy than you're already getting!" She turned away from the sight of his weakness so it would be easier to speak her mind.

Meri's Realm

A big deep booming voice sounded in each of the pirates heads. Yous are supposed to be playin nice...until you all learn to play nice ima shock each of you With that being said great arcs of lightening blasted Kei and Kai sending them into painful convulsions that they quick;y recovered from. Hehe I can do this all day...I wonder how Geri is doin

Geri's Realm

A much different voice resounded in the heads of the pirates in this realm. Beef sauce...yes apple sauce would be amazing right now...if i was alive. Hey arent yous all supposed to be playin nice? Well i will drown you in apple sauce if you dont learn how...
Suddenly the realm was filled with apple sauce and each of the companions was forced to drown for 30 seconds before everything went back to normal. You all better learn to play nice...even you Flynn you had problems with Kai back in Romala...i was there i saw everything..and you Lelu you ave problems with all pirates...and grey...i dont like you. Now...what else do i wanna think about...cows....yes Geri like cows....

"Ugh.." Kei said as the electricity flowed through him as he tried to hold his ground. "I've felt worse, but this is beginning to become a bother." Kei straightened himself up and walked over to Kai with a seemingly forced smile on his face. "Now look, we have to at least agree to disagree, but I myself.... do feel a need to not let any harm to come to you, and I am sorry for any damage I have caused to you in the past as I heavily regret those action," Kei said as he gave Kai a small bow.


"...You still don't get it..." Ai said simply to Izzy as she wiped any apple sauce that was left off of her. "Just...just....damn it Iz....that was always the focking problem with you! You always cared for your work more then you did for me!" Ai yelled at him with tears filling her eyes as her face began to glow red before she turned away from him back towards Lelu, not wanting to look at him after disclosing that statement.

Izzy smirked and crossed his arms as he watched Ai.

"See? NOW we're getting somewhere. THAT is what this is about, not how I left, not anything that happened during our time together, it's about me and my work, just like it always was."

Izzy sighed as he sat down and crossed his legs in thought.

"Why didn't you talk to me sooner?"

After recovering from the annoying zap, Kai was flabbergasted at this outrageously out of character moment. Kei was bowing and proposing that bygones be bygones? She didn't know what to do at first.

Intense feelings of pity washed over her, irking her more than the powerful shock they'd just received. "It's easy for the party who never struggled with feelings of inadequacy to suggest a truce." she said stubbornly, even though her emotions were starting to sway. "You've always thought yourself better, the dog at the pound who got adopted, while I stayed awaiting euthanasia. A worthless experiment is, and will always be my reputation. I have no purpose."

She looked down at Kei, "I don't WISH you harm any longer, but I don't think we will ever be close." She looked up "Is that GOOD ENOUGH for you, you mediating apparition!?"

Flynn licked up the remaining sauce from his person "Waste not want not, as I always say." Hearing Geri's accusations about Kai he replied "Now, my cow loving friend, how in the world am I going to make amends with Kai if she isn't here?"

The confusion Lelu had earlier didn't even hold a candle to what the hell was going on now. She was beyond comfused. There was no point in trying to make any sense out of what was going on and she was sure if she was supposed to know that Ai would explain later.

Speaking of Ai Lelu had once again been so lost in thought it just occured to her that the girl was crying. Out of some strange motherly instinct she walked to the girl slowly and wrapped her frail arms around her holding her tightly. Her blue grey eyes became slits as they glared at the man on the floor and if you listened you could hear the hiss issuing from the back of her throat.

She felt so angry that whatever this man had said had upset the one person that had shown her such a welcome and enormous amount of kindness. There was something on the tip of her tongue, something she wanted to say so very badly, but part of her subconsiously held her back.
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To the Edge of the World(Permission Via Skype) - Page 2 Empty
PostSubject: Re: To the Edge of the World(Permission Via Skype)   To the Edge of the World(Permission Via Skype) - Page 2 EmptyMon Mar 26, 2012 10:54 pm

Geri's Realm

"Hmmm you right skinny go poof now and see Kai but before you go...present."

Just as he started to fade from view a dog collar appeared around Flynn's neck.
"If you will get tighter. And as for you Lelu...rope..."

Coils of rope appeared from the sky and bound themselves to each of the companion's wrists. The opposite ends of the ropes constricted binding the three remaining pirates in mid air spread eagled all facing each other. The ropes started to constrict even more little by little.

If you no want to be best start talkin hehehehe"

Meri's Realm

Flynn appeared next to Kei and Kai as if out of nowhere

"Welcome seems a little crowded here now don't you think? Hmmm Grey....time to go...

Grey was immediately flung from the realm.

Now each of you play nice or else I will up the anti...

Geri's Realm

Grey landed next to Izzy and immediately got up to cut him loose. Geri did not like this. stop that....zap....zap...I SAID STOP...ZAP ZAP ZAP ZAP ZAP ZAP ZAP ZAP ZAP.

Gery continued to get up after each zap as if nothng had happened and continued to try and cut Izzy loose. Suddenly behind him a tall skinny middle aged man appeared out of thin air and grabbed Grey turning him around and then lifted him by his shirt. Suddenly a black ooze appeared from Geri's hand and started to cover Gery, who screamed as the black oozed dyed his skin and poured into every orifice and pore on his body.

You don't get to be a no listen to Geri...then Geri forever deny your biggest desire. Become the shadow of that which you hate as much as you love. Forever be a slave! Geri smiled evilly as the las words left his lips. He then plunged the screaming writhing Grey into Izzy's shadow causing Izzy to glow with a white hot radiance as shadow met light and they tried to reject one another. Izzy screamed in unison with Grey as Grey ceased to exist in the mortal realm. Geri stood back laughed once and then faded once again.

Tick Tock Tick Tock

-Mu and Millia's Dream-

Mu sat and sipped his tea as he observed his surroundings. He was sitting on a red and white checkered blanket with all the fixings of a picnic..including the basket...but they seamed to be floating in nothingness. One step off the blanket would leave them trapped plummeting forever into oblivion. Mu smiled at his handiwork and then coughed politely. "How long are you planning on sleeping there..." he said to the woman laying asleep before him.

Izzy's eyes widened at the prospect of what just occurred.

"Grey! Grey! Come on, come back! GREY!" He continued to scream in futility, then turned back to face Ai, his face now dark and filled with anger.

"Well, you heard the bastard. We talk. NOW."

All that was on his mind now was getting out of this realm and slugging his captain. Mu put him in this position, and now because of Mu, Grey had disappeared right before his eyes. The sooner he got ahold of Mu, the sooner he could find out how to get his best friend back from wherever the hell he had been sent.

Even after the sudden events that had transpired Ai reached out, still wanting to stay in Lelu's warm hold while she wanted to move her arms to hold lelu as well while she rest her head against Lelu. As Izzy yelled further towards Ai, it only hurt her more as Ai forced herself to say, "There is nothing more to talk about Iz..." Even after all the yelling she still called him by the nickname that only she would ever use. "You always cared for your work much more then me, and possibly just wanted to be with me to use me for my power..." Ai said all this while coughing as tears still flowed out from her.

Kei smiled towards Kai with a weak look on his face as he moved closer to her slowly. "We may never be close, but I am sorry for how I have treated you in the past," Kei said quietly near Kai's ear. "I just wanted you to become stronger, and to be safe at the same time..." After those words he walked a few steps away from her as he slowly lowered himself to the floor as he quietly sat on the floor, still with a degree of elegance.

Millia slowly picked herself up as she looked around after seeing Mu there. "How did you put us in this state?" Millia said weakly as her power seemed severely low after what the doll had done to her.

Izzy's eyes filled with anger and frustration.

"I never used you! Hell, I never used ANYONE! I don't use people, I can't bring myself to do it! What happened between us was not meant to happen Ai, let's not turn this into me being a power hungry monster!"

He wanted to restrain his comments and be more understanding, however he was now completely unhinged. His nature itself had been called into question, and with Grey having disappeared to places unknown, he was ready to belt out any honesty it took to get himself free.

Before Kai could respond Flynn appeared without warning. Kai instinctively assumed her fighting stance. Flynn raised his hands submissively, a useless gesture in such an abyssal environment. "We don't have any problems, now do we miss?" Kai raised her eyebrow while Flynn stepped closer. "I don't know yet." she replied in a low voice. His figure became clearer with each step he took. The tiny bit of light that was present finally revealed his face.

"YOU!" Kai blurted, fully intending to deliver a roundhouse kick to the assassin's head. She stopped her foot just inches from it's destination, remembering Meri's rather painful way of practicing psychology. She settled for "You disgust me you greedy prick." instead. Pretending to be taken aback Flynn put his hands to his chest "Well Guardian, or false guardian rather, tell me this..." he grinned menacingly "Are you angry because you know why I'm here, OR are you angry because I bested you?" Resenting her malfunctioning radar for not giving her the extra 2 seconds to prepare for this she answered "You didn't BEST anyone, I was in the WASH ROOM!"

Flynn Chuckled "Call it what you will deary, you ended up on the ground, and I was on top. Either you were being bested or...I was getting the best." Kai blushed strawberry red. Perhaps a zap would be a small price to pay she thought to herself. Flynn looked her up and down before adding "I rather like you lab rat, perhaps there's a way to work this out so that you don't have to die." He had been aware of Kei's presence the entire time, but chose to ignore him.

"Then why did you grow to eventually seeming like ignoring me and focusing on your work so much?" Ai asked gently as she wiped tears from her face.

Watching Kai in this vulnerable state, Kei's head seemed to give a slight jerk suddenly as he rubbed his neck in response as he turned to Flynn as he noticed he was being completely ignored.
"I see you are blatantly ignoring me Flynn, how is the organization doing?" He said suddenly towards Flynn which confused himself in what he said. "Wait, organization?" He asked himself in his mind.

Meri's Realm

"You're not supposed to be let them work things out...Kei you get a time out hahaha."
Another bolt of lightening hit Kei this time making him dumb and blind. Now you sit and listen and maybe you will learn that you don't know everything.

Geri's Realm

The ropes pulled tighter and tighter and suddenly a pop was heard. Ai screamed as her left arm was pulled form its socket. "Hurr Hurr better hurry up now!"

Mu's Realm

Mu sipped his tea slowly as he watched Millia as she woke and frantically asked her question. "Well well look who is finally up. Please have some refreshments it looks like we will be here for a while. While we wait let us see what our screws have been up to shall we?" Mu waved his hand and two small clouds appeared each showing a different scene in the center of each. Each screen played out the entire events that had happened until now including Grey's unfortunate demise, which made Mu wince, he knew he would have to answer for that later, the scream of Ai as her arm was ripped off and the stupefied Kei as he sat dumb and blind in the void. "Well your crew seems to be doing wonderfully...Ai is about to lose and arm...and Kei has finally been forced to shut is mouth and listen...then again my crew isn't fairing so well themselves. The loss of Grey was...unfortunate..." Mu looked at Millia with unguarded eyes that seemed to have a tinge of sadness in them. "You know we brought this on ourselves and them...They fight not only because of their own problems but because of ours as well....I think it is time we both sat down and solved this matter fighting...just talking Millia." Mu then did something that he had never done before in his life. He bowed as he knelt in front of Millia. "Please Milli...we need to settle this for them..." Then Mu's voice took on a serious and threatening tone as he sat up and looked Millia dead in the eyes. "If we cannot come to an agreement...or if you refuse to cooperate and refuse to set aside the childish game in which we have played...then i turn this realm into oblivion killing us both...freeing each of our crew members from our heartless actions. It is your choice Millia...the lives of our crews or our damned foolish pride..." Looking towards each screen he then added, "Choose fast...they do not have much time."

zzy eventually gave into his anger and began to shout from the top of his lungs, both in an attempt to get through to Ai, and an attempt to block out the searing pain of his body slowly being drawn and quartered.


Millia looked from one vision to the other as she yawned. "It looks like Ai and Izzy have it the worst off, they are both fools, but in all seriousness, Mu.... I am fully ready to make ammends with you. I am no longer the child I once was, and even perhaps after all this your putting us through, it may even bring my powers back to their fullest after that beating you laid upon me." Millia stood up as she motioned for Mu to do the same as she gave him a bow. "But then again, it could of been the longing to see you again that really held my power down, nonetheless, Kei shall be happy as his power will return as well." Millia held her hand out towards Mu and prepared for a firm handshake.

Mu smiled as he slowly reached out to grasp Millia's hand in the handshake that would undo the spell that bound them all in this hell. They would all be free and they would all be a crew again. As his hand moved closer a strange feeling came over Mu. He remembered Millia's choice of words: "It looks like Ai and Izzy have it the worst off, they are both fools, but in all seriousness, Mu.... I am fully ready to make ammends with you. I am no longer the child I once was, and even perhaps after all this your putting us through, it may even bring my powers back to their fullest after that beating you laid upon me." Mu stopped his hand as the words sifted through his mind. A frown appeared on his face replacing his usual smile and his eyes resumed the deep sunken depressed look that appeared more and more as of late. Mu shifted his hand and grabbed Millia by the throat, chocking her ruthlessly as the depressed look was replaced by the flames of hell as Mu's anger rose rapidly. Millia had learned nothing from what he had taken great strides to teach her. She still viewed the world around her as useless pawns in her own selfish game. She had even commanded rise and bow as if she held the power. Mu had finally had enough. Mu had finally snapped.

Slamming Millia into the ground, with a force that shook not only his but all three realms, Mu wrapped her in his string and began to mercilessly toss Millia about like a rag doll. YOU HAVENT LEARNED A DAMN THING MILLIA. NOW I SHALL SHOW YOU TRUE POWER. I WILL SHOW YOU HOW TRULY POWERLESS YOU ARE. NOW MILLIA...YOU WILL DIE THE SAME WAY AS THE CREATURE IN WHICH YOU TREAT YOUR CREW AS. YOU WILL DIE HERE AND NOW ON YOUR STOMACH AS I BEHEAD YOU LIKE A SWINE. Then in a cold calm voice Mu added, " will feel the pain you have caused others 100 fold and do not worry. I will be joining you soon enough in whatever afterlife there is so I can personally drag you kicking and screaming to whatever punishment befits the crimes we have committed." Mu stood upon Millia's back and started to pull his strings attached to her head towards him slowly. The sound of Millia's bones popping and groaning along with her screams, muffled by the string, filled the realm; who's strange acoustics caused the sounds to echo endlessly off of invisible walls. Mu took a deep breath as he prepared for the final pull that would end it all. Just then something caught his eye; it was the scenes of each crew member as they suffered terrible punishments at the ethereal hands of his own spectral minions.

A strange calm fell over Mu as he realized what must be done. Releasing the strings that held Millia bent backwards at a nearly impossible angle Mu snapped his fingers; abruptly ending the spell and causing each of the remaining crew members to appear on Millia's ship. Mu and Millia sat at the center of the crew as they made a loose circle around the two. Millia still bound in Mu's strings lay whimpering on the deck. Kei still remained bound by the spells of mute and blindness.

Mu faced the respective crew members and addressed them in a solemn voice. "My friends...forgive me...I can no longer call you my friends...because of what I have caused you to go through...what...we have caused you to go through in our petty fight between each other. For our all are free to judge the two of us as you see fit and we will submit to whatever punishment you see fit. Before you judge us though there is but one thing I wish the crew of Captain Millia to see." Mu rang one of his bells and suddenly Millia's voice filled the air. "It looks like Ai and Izzy have it the worst off, they are both fools, but in all seriousness, Mu.... I am fully ready to make ammends with you. I am no longer the child I once was, and even perhaps after all this your putting us through, it may even bring my powers back to their fullest after that beating you laid upon me." "These are the words Millia used when given a chance to end this madness for the sake of her crew. Her answer to end your suffering at the price of her and my petty argument was as cold and callous as ever before. So crew of Mu and Millia..I beseech thee....judge us well...and may whatever penalty you choose match our crimes!"
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To the Edge of the World(Permission Via Skype) - Page 2 Empty
PostSubject: Re: To the Edge of the World(Permission Via Skype)   To the Edge of the World(Permission Via Skype) - Page 2 EmptyMon Mar 26, 2012 10:58 pm

Izzy, picking his broken body up off of the deck, slowly stumbled towards his fallen captain, everything he said coming through almost in a blur.

Lurching forward, Izzy did what he thought was best in a time of grief and rage.

He punched his captain.


Izzy's fierce rage turned to the battered Millia from here.


At this, Izzy could keep his composure no longer, and fell to a knee in exhaustion and anger, still holding onto his consciousness to face his shamed captain.

"...Well? Answer me Mu-Ra of the Bells, what in the name of all light and darkness have you done to my best friend, the man I called brother?!"

Mu reeled from the force of Izzy's punch as he knelt on the deck in shame. He forced himself to look Izzy in the eyes as he answered his question. "Grey is not dead...he is now a part of you...He is a part of your powers now. He lives...deep in your own consciousness and you only need call upon his memory to bring him forth and use his powers. Know this Izzy when he is released you take his place. Just as shadow is subject to light light must also be subject to the dominating shadow. You are one and the same bound in body and soul but with one major difference. YOU Isaiah are the dominant mind and you will always be in control of Grey's actions. There is good news though, you can still talk to Grey as Grey. You just need to figure out how to reach the place in your mind where you end and he begins. I wish i could say more but that is all I know Isaiah...I am truly sorry," Mu then stood in front of Izzy arms wide. "I accept your wrath Isaiah...let it out on me lest it consume you."

Kai was stupefied while Flynn was amused. It would be a perfect time for him to strike Millia down and finish his job, but this had become FAR TOO INTERESTING. Being a slave to his own whims he decided to go along with it until things grew dull. He rubbed his neck where the collar had been just seconds before. "Don't look at me for your sentencing Chum, we already settled things. This one's up to the rest of the motleys."

Kai regained herself and moved toward Mu gingerly, she stopped right behind Izzy, who deserved his shot at vengeance, but needed to take that shot while at full strength. It was clear he was much stronger, a normal human being wouldn't be standing at this point. Despite that fact he was easily taken out by the swift and careful blow that Kai delivered to the back of his head. As Izzy fell to the ground, Kai looked directly into the captain's eyes. "This is not a judgment I'm qualified to make either..." She took the necklace off and held it up in the sun. "As anyone can plainly see, I've enough sin of my own to contend with." Putting the necklace back around her neck she walked to the far left of the deck to watch the rest of the proceeding.

Kai's words sunk in as Mu slipped into unconsciousness and fell to the deck. When he awoke he was on a small sandy island in the middle of an endless sea littered with white stone columns in various states of decay. Mu stood and surveyed his empty surroundings with caution. "Where am I", he asked himself as he quickly realized he was not in true reality.

"You are at the very depths of yourself Mu.", a soft female voice sounded as if from no where. "Kiralia?", Mu asked as he recognized the voice as that of his old Captain Kiralia Lei, Mistress of the Peri Peri, a ruthless band of legendary pirates, and Mu's former crew. "Yes Mu-Ra, it is I." A beautiful yet dangerous woman appeared in front of him. Dressed in tight black spiked leather, and a red Admirals coat that legend said she stole from the still warm body of an admiral she killed and soaked it in his blood. As beautiful as she was ruthless Mu's former captain cut an impressive figure as she stood before him. " cannot be real...this is all in my mind...', Mu said with a voice filled with deep sadness. Kiralia was not only Mu's Captain but was also his lover. "Yes Mu I am not alive...but I am very much real. I am real within you and nothing will ever change that my love." Mu stood and embraced Kiralia and held her close to him as the events that took her and his mates from him played before his eyes.

The storm was one that had not been seen the likes of in many years that day as the pirates fled the Navy ships. "We must turn back Kiralia!", the third mate cried as he saw the evil black clouds and felt the dark heavy wind that foretold of gruesome events that could and a sense of certainty of those that would. Mu kicked the third mate in the stomach sending him flying across the ship. "Don't you dare question your Captain, Benji me lad...Her word is law on this ship and if your forget that one more time for even a second I will keel hall your fat ass for all the world to see." "Now Mu....we can't afford to be losing anyone in our current situation so let Mr. Benji go...for now..." Mu looked up at his Captain's words and nodded in acquiescence. "Yes my Captain", he said as he turned away from Benji and moved to stand by her side. Sighing he said, "He does have a point my love this will be a mighty storm." Kiralia turned a gaze upon her lover that sent equal amounts of fear passion love and respect deep into Mu. "I know that this storm shall be mighty my love, but fear not for we have the best navigator on the seven seas." She said as she brushed her hand upon his shoulder as she passed behind him, draping her arm teasingly across his shoulders. "We have you. have never once let us...let me down. If anyone can get us through this, it is you my dearest." Before Mu could answer Kiralia pulled him into a passionate embrace that left Mu and the rest of the crew stunned in silence. "Y-Yes my love", was all Mu could stutter as he looked upon his soul mate with eyes filled with wonder and passion. Turning to the crew he began to bark out the orders needed to prepare the ship for the storm.

Taking the helm, Mu turned the ship towards the storm and gave the command to unfurl every sail. "No ship is faster than the Crimson Goddess. Let the Navy chase our water trail. We shall lead them right into a storm that they cannot handle. They decided to chase the Piri Piri pirates and we shall now show them how the Piri Piri pirates play. ONWARDS LADS INTO ETERNITY WE GO!" The pirates all let out a rousing cry and the ship sped off towards the storm.

Suddenly the wind became gale force and ripped the sails right from the ship before the crew even had a chance to furl them. "SHIT", Mu yelled as he realized that even without the sails the ship began to pick up even more speed as the waters tossed and turned around them. The navy ships were long gone. Those foolish enough to follow were sitting at the bottom of the sea. Mu expertly guided the ship through the storm but knew it was only a matter of time before they met their end. He looked to Kiralia who moved to his side. "I know my love...This is to be the end but we lived an epic life and damn it we will go out like Pirates. With a voice with the beauty of a thousand angels Kiralia sang out,
"Fifteen men on the dead man's chest--
...Yo-ho-ho, and a bottle of rum!
Drink and the devil had done for the rest--
...Yo-ho-ho, and a bottle of rum!"
Tears fell freely from her eyes as she saw her massive crew look up at her with knowing prideful eyes filled with happiness despite the doom that each knew faced them. As one they repeated each verse with voices filled with pride as they met their end as pirates and as family. Tears flowed freely from each pirates eyes and each sang their goodbyes, but non more then Mu-Ra of the bells. It is told that even his bells wept that day as the giant wave crashed on top of the Crimson Goddess as the last note left the voices of the Piri Piri Pirates silencing them forever. As they fell through the water Mu held onto his love as they joined in their final lovers embrace.

The next thing Mu could remember was waking up on the island this adventure began on; his dead lover in his arms. Mu screamed in frustration and anger as he buried his beloved, tears flowing freely from his eyes. On that day Mu vowed never to cry until he saw his lover once more.

Tears poured freely as he kissed his long lost lover and held her in his arms. Smelling her sent as he buried his head into her hair lovingly. Pushing him away Kiralia looked into his eyes with eyes filled with a mix of pride and sadness. "My blame yourself for what happened to us...and you blame yourself for what has happened to your new family, but most completely you blame yourself for not dying with us...with me. Mu you cannot blame yourself for actions that were out of your control. You survived because your time on earth was not up. You have a greater destiny to fulfill and that involves making sure those young ones in your care are ready for the dangers you all are inevitably heading for. If you give up on yourself....You give up on them and you give up on everything the Piri Piri Pirates believed in. Mu my love my time is short so I must tell you this...The navy is on its way and they will be there soon. Now go my your charges to the destiny you all share." Kiralia kissed Mu passionately as she faded from reality. Mu sank to his knees sobbing viciously. Everything Kiralia had said began to sink in. Her parting words striking hard within him. Suddenly Mu changed, the tears stopped flowing and were replaced with the passionate fires of hell. Mu rose to his feet in confidence. He was Captain Mu-Ra of the Bells and he had no time for self pity when his crew was in such immediate danger.

Mu suddenly awoke finding himself lying on the deck. As he stood he surveyed his surroundings. Looking at Kai he nodded and then moved to Kei who was standing very still, unable to see or make a sound. With a wave of his hand Mu undid the binding and flicked his wrist unbinding Millia. "Listen up...the Navy is coming here full force and will be on top of us at any minute. We need to put this aside and deal with the present situation now. are in charge of your crew while Millia is incapacitated...I want her below deck of your ship at all times and she is not to leave her room until I come to check on her. That is an order Mr. Kei. Kai...get Izzy below deck. Same thing...he is not to leave until i inspect him. After that is done I need to see each able bodied member of the crew in front of me. We need to figure out a course of action. MOVE!"

Kai immediately took heed, throwing Izzy over her shoulder with ease. Once below deck, she searched for a relatively comfortable room to place her injured ship mate. After situating him in one of the spare bunks she turned to leave.

She got two steps outside the door when she realized Izzy needed to be secured. Kai looked around for a moment before she found an impressive piece of timber to supplement the ships built in lock. Satisfied with the fortification she sprinted up the stairs to report to her Captain.

Upon her departure, a figure emerged from the shadows. Flynn silently removed the barricade and undid the lock. His intentions were not malevolent or vindictive by nature, his only motivation was to maximize the impending excitement. With the deed done he sauntered up the stairs to join the others.

Eyes widening as he sat up in terror, he realized that he was laying atop no solid surface, and was merely being supported by darkness itself.

"What in damnation...?"

However, before he could finish his statement, he heard a voice softly calling to him.


Izzy knew the voice all too well.


Scrambling to his feet, Izzy slowly attempted to find his way through the darkness, think and impenetrable as ink.

"Where the hell am I?!" He asked himself, furious at his predicament. Darkness, his one and only true fear. The shadows, the evil lying within, the demons of the dark.

Trudging his way through the shadows and impenetrable night, Izzy soon found himself drained and unable to continue.

"Damnit...GREY?! WHERE ARE YOU?!" He shouted as he collapsed to his knees.

"Don't fight it Isaiah..."

Izzy was thoroughly confused and distraught.


Izzy's head slumped forward in his frustration as he thought about his history with Grey and his shock when he was banished right before his eyes.

The Port town of Romala, home to some of the fiercest pirates and most gifted craftsman.

A young Isaiah Roma, working on his first full ship, a masterpiece he would name the Minerva. However his inexperience is clear, as the ship is nowhere near seaworthy as of yet, and much of the wood is not top-quality.

Taking a step back to admire his new work, he stumbles over the uneven deck and knocks his lamp off to the floor dozens of feet down, leaving Isaiah to wander blindly in the dark, already fearful from his supernatural awareness and fear of the denizens of darkness.

Soon, he trips once again, now blind to the world around him, and trips, his foot being caught on a loose rope, and dangling upside-down from his new ship by a leg, surrounded by darkness as his only source of light has fallen dozens of feet below and smashed.


It is times like these that Isaiah truly hates the prospect of his isolated living. With nobody in his home with him to help him finish his work, there are often times he needs assistance with projects, or indeed help of the mortal urgency variety, where he is alone, and must either search out assistance, or wait.

This is an instance of the latter.

Time slowly passes, as Isaiah slowly begins to lose consciousness from the lack of blood flow, and soon passes out.

Soon, a door opens, and a figure passes through.

"Iz? You there? There's a party going on downtown..."

Grabbing a lantern from nearby, with Isaiah keeping a good five to ten at his doorway at any given time considering the dark isolation of his workshop.


Grey soon sees his friend dangling from a ship, having passed out, and springs into action.


Quickly climbing up a variety of scaffoldings and jumping dangerously across large gaps, Grey quickly pulls up the rope holding up his friend and lays him flat on the deck of the Minerva.

"Come on Izzy, wake up!" Quickly grabbing a nearby bucket of water, he dumps it on Isaiah's face, and the man wakes up, disoriented and coughing.

In between coughs and sputters of water, Isaiah slowly looks up, rubbing his eyes.


"Oh thank god you're alright..."

Izzy slowly looked up from his daze, and realized he was now on the verge of a world of pure blinding light.

Looking around behind him and seeing that darkness still encased the world he was in, Izzy prepared to take a step forward.

"So you've finally come to understand."

Izzy whipped his head back around and saw Grey, baring a black cloak and an aura of shadow.


"Welcome to our world, brother."

Izzy was thoroughly confused.

"..Our world?"

Grey nodded with a smile visible through the darkness.

"This is my home now, Iz. This is the edge of your world, and the start of mine. I don't need to be a part of that world anyway, it makes it much easier for me to watch over you from here."

"But Grey, you need to come home with me! We have to get back to Romala!"

"We ARE home, Iz. The Orlanna is your home, it's crew your new family. And me? I'm the shadow who is always watching your back. You need to continue your journey Iz, you have to figure out who you REALLY are inside. You can't very well sit there making ships in the dark forever now can you?"

Izzy sighed as Grey chuckled at this comment.

"There's nothing to be afraid of anymore Isaiah, the shadows can't hurt you."

Izzy looked up at his longtime friend and smiled, a tear dripping from his eye.

"I will be here whenever you need me, Iz. I promise."

At this, Grey put out a hand to shake with his friend, and as Izzy leaned forward to take it, a blinding light engulfed them both.

When the light faded, Izzy was surrounded by pure light, and in front of him, Grey was now part of the world of shadows that he had just travelled through to find him.

"This is the natural order of things, Isaiah. You were meant to do great things. Me? I'm meant to make sure they get done."

Isaiah smiled once more as he turned back, and walked into the light.

"You better be here when I get back Grey!"

Grey smiled as his friend walked off into the distance.

"Wouldn't have it any other way."

Kei said nothing but scooped up Millia, who even though unconscious seemed to protray a smile, which Kei noticed and decided to not become angry over the pain that was caused upon Millia. Kei quickly brought her down into the bottom decks in one of the many rooms below. After placing her softly onto a bed he left the room as he put a dark portal opened in the doorway before he walked up to join the rest.


Rei quickly moved over to comfort Ai who was still in pain as she whispered to him that she just wants to be at Millia's side although one could sense a sort of confusion in the way she acted and spoke. Rei silently shook his head and he brought Ai into the captains cabin up top. "Ai, just heal quickly and get out here to help, worry about Millia later." Rei said with a serious face as he ran out of the cabin to join the rest.

Mu looked at each of the pirates that stood before him and frowned, with Millia Izzy and Ai out of commission Flynn nowhere in sight, and Lelu standing in the corner creaming, the force of the pirates was very nearly halved. "We need to make a fight." Mu told the pirates gathered before him. Mu twitched as a dark sense of foreboding came across him. He tasted the air and nearly blanched as he turned and looked to the north confirming his fear. To the north, their only viable option for flight, there lay evil dark clouds which marked a storm...a very large storm. Mu turned back to the crew regaining his composure instantly. "We need to fight at least until we can combine our resources into one ship...Our only means of escape is that storm...and there is no way any of use can make it with our crews halved. I propose we use the Orlanna, she is faster, stronger and bigger then Millia's ship." Then turning to Rei and Ken he added in a very serious voice, "We will be leaving on the Orlanna no matter what...if you wish to survive then come with us...if you wish to die...then so be it." Then turning to Kei he whispered in his ear, "I will be taking Millia no matter what your choice..I wont have you making a stubborn decision that decides the life of someone who cannot weigh in on the matter. Do I make myself clear?"

Kai listened to Mu intently. She knew the gravity of the situation, but somehow a part of her was glowing. Her nature had been stifled so much at this point, her crew would make an excellent surrogate for her previous protectee. "I propose My brother, Myself, and Ren serve as the distraction. You've already been substantially injured, besides you're the best qualified to steer us through the rough waters ahead." Flynn, who'd apparently joined them right after Mu started speaking, threw in his two pence "I'm insulted peach, what about your ol' pal Flynn? My expertise in distractions rivals even your expertise in ..." he grinned mischievously before saying "I'll need more time to finish that, but my point is I can be of some help."

Kai wasn't sure if that was an innuendo or a straightforward insult. "I care nothing of what becomes of you." she said through clenched teeth. "I really don't see what business an assassin has protecting a crew, but in the end It's up to Mu."

Ren did not like the idea of being used as bait, to be seperated from Ai, especially at this moment in time. "I do not agree with this," He said almost angrily which was very uncharacteristic for him. He quickly regained his composure as he rubbed the back of his head. "Well, why don;t we let Flynn be the bait, he seems strong enough." He said with a smile.

"I...." Kei began as he looked around at each person and towards the door that led to where Millia was held. "Yea, I could be bait." He said as he easily recalled of the portal he had placed at Millia's doorway. "I'll gladly go." Kei said with a unusual smile on his face.
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Kai could no longer understand her brother. He was melancholy one moment and smiling the next. "Fine, that's two of us..." she grimaced from what she was about to say next "I suppose this being the case, we need Flynn." The whole sentence was laced with extreme disgust.

Flynn said nothing, but his expression was smug. Everyone was now looking to Mu for further direction. SUDDENLY cannon fire was heard! The shot in question arched over the Orlanna and splashed a mighty splash in the sea.

Izzy was swiftly thrown from his position and landed on the floor, eyes jerking open as he attempted to gather his composure.

"What the hell...?"

He quickly stumbled out the door and climbed back up onto deck, looking out on the horizon to see what had happened.

On one side out in the sea he saw an extreme ripple effect, while turning to look to the other side, he saw ships, in fact, a large amount of ships. This was enough to make him nervous, but it was what he saw next that made him frightful.

The navy flag.

"MARINES APPROACHING!" He shouted quickly as he ran off to his room to grab anything that might help in the upcoming assault.

The sea air was filled with excitement as the war fleet of navy ships closed in upon its prey. Vice Admiral Rosu Tsukazu paced back and forth as he waited impatiently for his prey to come within range for this was no normal pirate scum. He sensed something from this ship...something he hadn't sensed in a long time and it was something that filled him with a sense of fear and loathing. Rosu Tsukazu was a very well built man, just below 7 feet tall he cut an impressive figure as he stalked his empty ship. Tsukazu was a manipulator of ropes and unlike most Vice Admirals, Tsukazu did not require a crew to pilot his ship and his ship was small and designed in a unique way. Like most ships each of the sails were controlled by complex systems of ropes and pulleys, but unlike other ships Rosu also controlled his steering with ropes. Signaling to the fleet he sped off towards the pirate ships. "IM COMING FOR YOU PIRATE SCUM! PREPARE TO FACE ADMIRAL TSUKAZU THE DEMON OF THE ROPES." He laughed knowing that he was still too far off for them to hear him but soon very soon he would send these pirates to hell.


Mu had to make a quick decision and he didn't like it. It involved putting his crew in danger and he did not like doing that one bit. "Alright Kei Kai and Flynn you three will board Millia's ship and load everything you can upon a life boat including Millia and you are to set the boat on fire and get the hell out of there. Take only what you can and do not dally long I sense a powerful presence and we are not at present strong enough to take it on. I mean it," he said looking at Kei and Flynn specifically," You are to grab Millia and then grab whatever you still can and GET OUT! The rest of us will steer the Orlanna towards the storm. When you are within range of us Ai will pull you in with her vines. Now quickly go...and good luck."

Izzy ran back to his room and quickly rummaged through his drawers, finding a periscope, some empty pistols, and some small bombs, which he strapped over his shoulder as he ran out onto the deck and jumped for the wheel.

"All hands on deck! Let's MOVE!" He shouted as he took the helm and prepared to turn the ship. He had a headache, and he was NOT in the mood to deal with the navy of all things.

Kai and Flynn sprang into action. Leaping onto Millia's ship, powered by intense purpose. "I'll go look for things to salvage, you get ready to start the fire on my cue." Kai ordered. Flynn, strangely enough, took the order without making a snide remark, while Kei seemed to be lagging behind. "Brother!" she yelled "This is not the time to dawdle, go get Millia!"

Looking over in Kei's direction, Kai's world distorted for a minute. Something strange was in the air. As much as her curiosity egged her on, she decided to ignore it and focus on the current priority.

The boat was full of interesting things gathered during the crew's travels. Kai had to forgo some fascinating pieces. She grabbed the most valuable, and useful of the items first. At intervals she returned to the lifeboat to drop off what she found. Meanwhile Flynn was hard at work finding and breaking off the most flammable parts of the ship. He had a nice pile started and was ready to set it ablaze at a moments notice.

Hearing Kai's words woke Kei up from his intense stare on the strange doll he ended up stopping by for a long time, deciding whether he should bring it along as well. After shaking his head a moment he grabbed the doll before heading down to get Millia. Millia was conscious as Kei got down there and dismissed the portal he had placed. "Sounds like quite a commotion up on deck," Millia said weakly as she tried getting up. Kei nodded as he moved to her to pick her up to which she allowed him to gracefully just as it was back in the day as if nothing has changed between them at all. Millia even smiled as he picked her up as it has been many a year since he had last done so. "This kind of feels like all the old times, the sounds of battle, the creaking of the ships, the mayhem." She said with emphasis on the word, 'mayhem' after which she held onto Kei more tightly as they got up to deck to prepare for whats oncoming.

"We will be setting fire to our ship, and taking the lifeboat out of here, Millia." Kei told Millia as he laid her, and the doll, down on the deck next to each other. Before anyone could ask about the doll he spoke out to the both of them, "This artifact is the only item I wish to take with us." He said as he walked to the captains cabin to grab Millia's two swords, her old rapier, and her whip-sword which he gave to Millia to hold. "We may have to make a quick escape, moreso then we originally planned," Kei began as he stood over Millia. "...So keep that doll close to you." He said as he turned around to see if Kai and Flynn were at the ready. Those words seemed to knock Millia's smile away as she expected for Kei to tell her to keep close to himself.

Kai flinched at the sight of the strange doll. "I don't think we should take that brother, there's...there's no more room." she was grasping for a reason to leave that eerie thing behind. Flynn walked up, seeing Kai's apprehension. He understood the dilemma, anyone with human brain waves could tell this doll was a harbinger of doom.

"I need one more flammable to really give this ship a proper send off." He pretended to look around before going to the side of the life boat. "This'll do..." Flynn grabbed the doll with his assassin's speed, and had it on the pile before Millia could blink. Kai somehow followed what he did and shouted "NOW!"

Right on cue and with a cheerful smile Flynn lit 5 matches. The first he used to set fire to the dolls hair, the second he used to set fire to her dress. Anyone watching would have been able to swear the doll frowned as it's delicate features turned to a very fine ash. He'd hoped to be able to use the rest on the doll as well, but it burned far too quickly. So instead, he shrugged and threw them like darts into the puddles of kerosene he'd made. "That'll do it ladies and gents, let's make our escape." Kai jumped into the lifeboat, followed shortly by Flynn, ready to make their getaway.

Izzy anxiously grasped at the helm as he looked back and saw the navy ships closing in.

"Captain! A bit of assistance would be ideal right about now!" He shouted as he watched the skies turn dark in front of him.

"If it isn't the damn navy it's storms! Can't I ever get a break?!" He asked himself angrilly.

Millia didn't seem too upset from the doll being set aflame like such as she lightly got up to have Kei pick her up and bring her down onto the lifeboat. "I had thought it would be more resilient then that." Kei said as everyone landed on the lifeboat as each of them turned to see the ship set a flame.

As everyone's attention was on the boat, a soft laughter, like from a child was heard from behind them. "More resilient then that." Came a small child's voice from the doll although it seemed to merely be quoting half of what Kei had said aloud. Its hard glass eyes seemed as lifeless as ever and not a hair on the doll seemed harmed in anyway. The only thing different about the doll was that it's eyebrows seemed more pursed then previous as if it somehow knew anger.

Vice Admiral Rosu landed on the burning ship with such force that it sent splinters everywhere. With a roar from deep within his massive muscular frame he shouted, "PIRATES! I WILL DRAG EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU TO HELL WITH MY ROPES." Looking around wildly for his prey Rosu spotted his targets and grinned wickedly. "Now you will all die MUAHAHAHAHAHAH" With another mighty leap he passed through the blazing inferno look like a mighty demon as he landed upon the tail end of the life boat. Lashing out with his right hand he instantly bound Kei Kai and Flynn together so tightly none of them could move let alone breath. "None of you are that which i seek but you will be great prizes for the gallows none the less." Then Rosu stopped as he sensed something which caused him to turn towards Millia. " are the one which i seek. I have sensed your power before but i know not where. I shall take great pleasure in ripping you apart. I am Vice Admiral Rosu Tsukazu. I shall be your judge and jury...You have been found guilty prepare to die a slow death." Lashing out with his ropes he started to raise Millia in the air choking her as the other could only watch helplessly as they were slowly being crushed by rope as strong as steel.


"Straight on course Izzy...I will take over once we reach the storm...", Mu said as he paced back and forth. He had been filled with a dark feeling ever since he had awoken from his dream. He was now really regretting sending his friends on such a dangerous mission. "Hurry back..."
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A child's laughter echoed as the doll's eyes glowed purple while Millia's own self became covered in a slim of purple light. Millia opened her eyes suddenly while being chocked and looked down at the man holding her up, and smiled as she spoke: "Good bye, nice try." She said as she opened a massive portal which quickly swallowed everyone on the boat.

Inside the Spiritual Realm for the few moments they were in it, everyone tossed and turn through near darkness as Millia and the doll floated side by side. An opening seemed to appear at the end of what now seemed like a tunnel of the target ship, which was barreling fast towards them. Softly, just before the arrival at the ship, a soft voice came from what seemed like the doll, "Get to close to the sun, and all you'll do is burn up, again, and again, and the power of Hakumei will continue to burn, whoever gets close." It seemed as if the words were directed at the man who had laid the atack on them, just before a second portal opened which Millia threw him through leading back to his own ship which was now far, far off from them.

Everyone but Millia and the doll crash landed onto their ship, even Kei who was a user of the power as well. Kei rubbed his head as he slowly got up, coughing as he looked around to see if everyone had arrived safely.

"Well, that was fun." Millia said as she picked up the now seemingly deactivated doll, and tossed it to Kei who caught it and just looked into it's empty eyes in thought.

"Do not try to destroy this doll again, do not worry. Anyway, let's quickly get to the Port City, Diredale. I have a contact base there we can use till the heat dies down." He said towards Mu almost as if issuiing an order.

Rosu laughed as he allowed himself to be teleported into the Spiritual Realm and then back to his ship. Landing lightly on his feet he laughed again as he at once recognized the name that was mentioned. " to close to the sun my ass...I will find you little girl and i will drag you and the rest of your pirate mates to hell where not even the sun can boast of its heat." Rosu returned to the fleet still laughing heartily. The pirates would live another day but he would be back for them soon.


Mu didn't smile he didn't show any emotion at all as Kei ordered him about. Instead he took a bit of his string in both hands and quickly appeared bheind Kei wrapping the cord around his neck like a choke wire. In a voice as cold as ice and as soft as the wind Mu whispered into Kei's ear as he pulled the string tighter causing a red line of blood to appear upon Kei's neck. "Do not presume that you can order me about on MY ship....boy", the last word spit out with disdain, "I will not hesitate to kill you or do the same thing that I did to Mimi to you although with you I will make every second a living hell. Now for presuming that you have the ability to order me about you shall be stowed in the brig until we reach shore." Mu released the string and kicked Kei to the deck binding his hands and feet hog tying him. "Kai lock him below deck....anyone who frees him before i give the word shall answer to me. Do I make myself clear?" Not waiting for an answer Mu looked off to the horizon and seeing that the navy ships were retreating breathed a sigh of relief. "Izzy take us to the afore mentioned port. Steer clear of the storm if you please."

Izzy smirked as he watched Kei's complete lack of tact and reversal of fortune as he was hogtied and sent to the brig, responding with a laugh as he immediately spun the wheel.

"Aye, cap'n! Let's get outta this place before some real chaos breaks out!"

Izzy continued to sail, the wind in his face, the terror slowly leaving his body, and the enjoyment as he realized that his enemies were now within his grasp at any given time.

"So Cap'n, what exactly is our next move?" He asked, curious about the point of going to this port town when their entire crew was clearly wanted by the navy.

Mu laughed a deep hearty laugh as the wind and sea spray fell against his face. "We go to this port to pick up supplies and recover. As for the navy have no fear of them there Izzy. We head to Diredale the Port City, Haven of Sin and Vice. The navy dare not show its head there. Now onward." Mu laughed once more before sitting on the railing waiting eagerly for the journey ahead.

"Mu, before I am sent down, I would like you to know that the place I have there should have enough supplies for a three month sea faring journey." Kei said before Kai could move him.

Millia it seemed had fallen asleep from the amount of power she had used, and was holding onto the doll as she lie there looking cute as if she were still a child.

Mu sat in silence as he mentally cataloged each member of the crew. First there was Millia a princess form a far off place or perhaps time. Mu shook his head. "No impossible" , He muttered to himself but something in the back of his mind wouldn't let it be. Forcing himself to move on his mind then settled upon the twins. Kei and Kai the epitome of sibling rivalry. Kei always seemed to know more then he let on as if he was hiding some thing or someone. Kai was the exact opposite always seeming to want to challenge her brother and thwart whatever plan Kei was trying to accomplish. Then there was Flynn a strange Assassin with even stranger poisons who seemed to have an agenda all his own but rarely seemed to have the attention span to accomplish it. Last but not least was Izzy, the shipwright who was now a fused combination of himself and his best friend Grey. His volatile temper and thirst for revenge made him just as deadly as the rest of the crew. Yes this was the band of pirates he called his friends. Well...most of them anyway. Awoken from his reverie by a weak moan Mu was suddenly brought back to what he was doing before his mind wandered off. "So you are still alive...." On the table before him was the bloody mutilated half dead form of a certain feline stow away that Mu had caught trying to sink the ship. "Good...very good...but I tire of this game. This will be the final pain you shall ever feel." Reaching down Mu grabbed a hold of the feline ears and slowly began to rip them from her head. The only thing that stopped her from screaming was her tongue which now lay in a basket at Mu's feet. As the ears finally ripped off and blood squirted everywhere the prisoner gave one last mew and fell silent forever. Mu laughed as blood poured from the broken corpse. " send a message to those who follow us. Mu plucked the corpses left eye from its socket revealing a series of wires and what seemed like some kind of advanced recording device. Mu laughed evilly as he stared into the device. "Come and find me...." Mu then wrapped the body in a blanket and shoved it out a port hole window feeding the sharks. The ears he saved as he nailed them to a plaque which he hung in his cabin. Suddenly the bell connected to the helm rang. Mu vaulted to the deck as a beautiful site lay before him. They had reached the tropical Port City of Diredale. "Take us in Izzy and prepare for the time of your life."

Izzy grinned as he held the wheel strong, the wind blowing through his hair.

"Aye, Captain!" He shouted with a nod as the wind helped guide the Orlanna into port.

"Just what exactly are you planning, Mu?" He asked, no longer holding to the formalities of their roles.

His encounter with Grey in the confines of his mind had allowed Izzy to somewhat lighten his heart and focus on what was before him. He would deal with the matter of vengeance on those who had wronged him and his home when the time came, but for now, he was going to attempt to enjoy himself. Grey was safe, even if he was just out of arm's reach, and that's all that mattered to him.

"Honestly Izzy...I am planning on sorting everything out with Millia...for good...away from Kei and everyone. That navy Admiral could have killed most of us outright, but he didn't and that makes me wary. Also we are tired and weary and there is no better place to rest and recover than this port island." Mu walked to the front of the ship and surveyed the city that lay before him. "It has been a long time since I was here Izzy...Its been a long time since i was home."

Kai relished the fact that she was taking her pompous, and recently suspicious, brother to the brig. She didn't say anything as she led him in, there was no use being rough, he'd already been sufficiently beaten. The door closed loudly. She looked through the bars at Kei, feeling extremely disappointed the disturbing doll he seemed to covet, defied the natural properties of fire. Trying not to think about it, Kai decided to take a walk. It was a good distraction but a part of her was still engaged in thinking.

While Kai was busy with her task, Flynn decided it was high time for a nap and maybe a small nip of something. He too went below deck. Finding a seldom used room he made himself comfortable and took out his flask. He hadn't been sleeping for long when the door's rusty hinges woke him up. It was Kai, totally unaware of the room's occupancy. She came in, took a seat, and sighed.

Flynn didn't know whether he wanted to stay quiet and watch, or reveal himself. Kai broke the silence through clenched teeth before he could decide "I didn't know this room would be infested with vermin when I entered. I think I'll be going." As seemingly womanizing as Flynn was he was actually starting to have some respect for Kai. Technically she had never been a target, she was the failed guardian. True it was a tad inopportune she went back in time to warn his target, but she wasn't any sort of real obstacle to him...yet. Despite being a failure, she had a fire that the other test tuber didn't have. Flynn liked fire, fire is wild and powerful.

"Hey rat." he called to Kai. "You hate me, don't you?" Flynn grinned while squinting his eyes. Kai looked at him incredulously, as if he'd asked the most revolting, inane question any human being could ever think of. She changed her expression quickly to match his. "Absolutely." her voice was low and very clear. Flynn's smile got even larger before he responded "Good."

Not knowing what to make of that strange encounter Kai continued her walk. "What kind of second rate, stupid assassin asks such a trivial question? She thought. "Of course he would be hated, he is PAID to be hated. The Crimson Scale Society went to great pains to make him hate worthy. Millia may not be mine to protect, but I'm not going to stand idly by while he tries to implement vigilante 'balance' that some fanatical society deems necessary. If he steps over the line, I'll take care of it myself." She didn't enjoy being dominated. Flynn was the only person in her lifetime that had ever been able to do that. Sure Mu was the captain, he gave the orders, but that was different. It was almost a government of sorts. Flynn bested her in a way that confused her sensibilities. Made her feel awkward in situations she would otherwise be confident. This wasn't a great place to finish her walk, but she'd wasted far too much time already.

Kei seemed serene when she came back to check on him. He hadn't moved much. "All right brother," she spoke through their link in case Flynn was still around. "as much as I'm enjoying your falls from grace lately, I must admit I'm curious. Is there anything you'd like to share? I'd rather not have to push further into the greasy passages of your mind to satisfy my curiosity."

"You ask me for information, after continuously treating me as such?" Kei asked as he began to squirm out of the metal chain around him. Slowly, using his equipment portal in small spots, which seemed to cut pieces of the metal, or more like absorb, he got free of his metal bindings, and opened a portal once more as he reached in and pulled out a small chair which he sat upon.

"I suppose I'll humor you though." Kei said as he looked into Kai's eyes. "I only truly wish..." Kei began as he placed his old smile across his face. "To protect you, Mimi, Ren, Ai, and Millia." Kei continued to smile towards Kai until it seemed like she was about to walk away, and at that point he spoke up once more. "At least until each of you have attained your maximum power..." He said quietly although enough for Kai to hear.
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"You know your back talk and conniving ways don't fool me." Kai's lips didn't move but her message was clear. "I can only think of 1 way that will give me a straight answer." She opened the door and closed it behind her. "I was really hoping to avoid physical contact, but..." She walked up and laid her hand on his shoulder, ready to absorb the facts his twisted mind was hiding. What she got instead was pain, an abundance of pain. A tremendous headache fell upon her suddenly after she'd reached a certain point in Kei's brain. Not willing to recoil and give up, she persisted in her search. Brief flashes and tid bits of things were all she was getting, the motivation behind his behavior was still a mystery. The pain had grown to a paralyzing level, but she stubbornly held onto the shoulder. Kai had to push past this block.

Smiling the whole time Kai tried to see into his mind, Kei held onto a calm attitude. "Your being caused pain because you see all there is, I have nothing to hide." Kei lied although in his mind one could say he was also telling the truth. "If you truly want to see into the depths of my being, you'll have to make more contact then that, Kairi.." He said as in one quick fell swoop he lifted himself over the chair and held onto Kai turning her around so she faced upwards while Kei was inches from her own face. "But you would not dare to get that close, would you?" He asked with an insult like tone in his voice before he lifted her back up onto her feet carefully and smoothly. "I merely want to...protect the guardians and their powers, especially you....sister" He said with emphasis on the word sister, Kai would know exactly what he meant by putting emphasis on that word. "I no longer want to hurt you, and I am sorry for ever having hurt you, and in fact... there is actually something I would like to inform to you, but what would you do, if I told you this?" Kei asked again with great wonder in his voice.

Kai couldn't cringe anymore than she already was. What was he talking about? She knew there was something there, maybe not in an articulated thought pattern, but some deeper intent. "I..." She reluctantly moved her hand to his face. "just..." she laboriously lifted her other arm up "want..." with even greater effort she put her other hand on the other side of his face. "THE TRUTH!" The sensation was comparable to being hit by lightning, but fortunately she got just a smidge further in her search. She writhed in place not removing her hands, tears ready to fall from the sting of his mind. Things were clearer and yet even more twisted than when she'd initially taken up the task. She just couldn't understand it. What was the root of this terrible disturbance?

Feeling the evil presence below deck coming forth in waves, Izzy shivered as the Orlanna slowly made it's way into the port.

"Captain, tell me you feel that." He said as he continued to shiver, the dark energy almost palpable in the air.

"I can't focus on my work with something like that in the air, what the hell is it?" He asked, clearly frustrated and worried all in one.

"M-much better, [i]sister[/i, but I know you can do better!" Kei began to raise his voice as Kai's pushed further into his mind. "Show me, show me how your power has gotten stronger! Show me what makes us Guardians and Powers' the next evolution beyond mere humans!" Kei said aloud as he began to forcibly close his mind causing even greater pain to Kai. "Deeper, dig deeper!" Kei nearly yelled as Kais hand covered his face. As Kai began to see what she was really looking for ,the real truth suddenly images of the doll Kei seemed to favor so much appeared and blocked her heavily from going any further. Power began to escape all around them as Kai seemed to begin to release even more power alongside Kei who began to laugh joyusly at how powerful Kai was becoming. "Can you push past this final barrier, my SISTER?! Can you?!"

Kai screamed as everything sank in. That doll, that ridiculous doll! It was mocking her, laughing at her. Now she knew for certain it had corrupted Kei's mind. She was more than dizzy, blood began trickling down Kei's face where her fingernails dug in from the sheer agony. This was quite possibly the hardest thing she'd ever done. Both sets of eyes glowed red. A torrent of power rose up within her. It must have been there the whole time, but she'd never needed it until now. The mental version of the doll's laughing grew fainter. It continued to grow quiet until finally it disappeared all together. The pain was also subsiding, what would this reveal?

Kei's laughter died down as he saw Kai in the mess she became in, and he moved towards her and held her close to himself. "No, Kai," He began to say as Kai could arleady realized he saw what she was thinking. "That doll has no control over me." He said normally as he held onto her still before whispering. "The one whos really being used, is the doll, just let it grow in power it cannot harm us as I will be taking care of it."

Horrified and confused at what she saw, Kai broke off the link. The image she had been rewarded with was that of the doll, greatly amplified in power, and familiar hands coming from behind it, slowly the doll sank into the second figure. "DON'T TOUCH ME!" She snapped viciously. Severely weakened from the encounter she stumbled out of the cell. "You're sick, you're sick!" She kept repeating, panting heavily. Trying desperately to get away from what seemed to be insanity itself. Not too far down the hallway she collapsed. Flynn stepped out of his favorite spot, the shadows. He had been unable to get any closer to the scene until now. He knelt beside Kai wondering what in the world just happened. For once the assassin wasn't able to get his answer.

Mu sniffed the air and frowned. "Whatever it was it seems to have ended for now...luckily for them. Izzy please take us into port. Find a tavern and get rooms for the crew. I will return to you all shortly. You are in charge." Mu then seemed to disappear from Izzy's sight before Izzy could even ask where he was going. Mu appeared before Kei in the bring and smiled at him. "I will be taking Millia with me so she can finally speak with me...away from distractions. Do not attempt to follow for if you do I will flay you alive. Be glad I havent yet for what you just did to one of my crew. Consider yourself at my mercy...boy." Mu then reappeared before Millia and removed the doll from her hands casting it aside to the deck. Picking up the sleeping form of Millia Mu once again disappeared and reappeared on the island osme ways away form the boat.

After several more of these short hops he and Millia appeared before an elaborate but deserted temple. Mu carried her inside all the way to the back and into a secret chamber. Closing the door behind him he set Millia down on the floor and waited. He felt considerably weaker and knew the effects of the room were still working. He had entered the Kurashima Temple, a temple that was his by birth right and the chamber they now resided in was one used for centuries as a place for peaceful negotiations. The room was carved completely out of stone that absorbed and nullified any type of magic or abilities that one tried to use inside. Nothing could get in and nothing could get out unless the blood of a Kurashima was freely given to open the door.

Sitting cross legged across from Millia he spoke in a calm voice, "Millia...It is time we had a proper chat."

Kei just looked ar Mu without saying a word for a few moments before finally speaking. "Fine, but I did not do a thing to Kai." He said before kneeling down towards Kai. "I'm sorry If I somehow frightened you, Kairi."

Before Mu went away with Millia Rei quickly spoke up, "Mu, when you are done I would like a word with you." He said politely as he smiled.

Millia was silent as Mu brought her all the way into the ancient structure which weakened Millia considerably, far more then normal weakening objects like poison or suppressors. Millia weakly spoke up towards Mu, "Yes, what it is you would like to talk about?" She asked slowly.
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Mu sat calmly as Millia asked her question and smiled. "Millia I believe it is you who has a question to ask...A question that has been floating in your mind ever since Romala. Ask and I shall answer.

Millia sat there quietly as she looked down. "Are you expecting me to ask, why it is you attacked me, and destroyed what power I had then? If so, I believe you did so to try to teach me a lesson, well have I learned that lesson, Mu?" She asked in a defeated tone of voice. "But there is another question I just thought of..." Millia said as she thought of Kei. "Do you think....that you are part Gaurdian?" She asked as her eyes shifted to look at Mu without her head turning.

Mu's face became a stone wall as Millia first admitted her defeat but then launched the strange question at him. Guardian...the word sounded familiar to Mu. He had heard it used long ago in his past but he couldn't quite remember. "No...I don-" was all he could reply before his memory came rushing back to him. His wife and former Captain Kiralia always used to call him that. He had always thought it was a pet name but there always seemed to be something more...a connection that went deeper then just emotion as if they were connected together by their very lives. Suddenly his memory shot forward to that fateful night when he lost his beloved. They tumbled in each others arms below the waves as Kiralia gave Mu one final kiss goodbye. From her lips came a torrent of white energy that passed directly into Mu filling him and infusing him with her energy until her life force was his. She had gave her life to him so that he could live. A single tear fell down his face as he came back to reality. He knew the answer to Millia's question even if he didn't understand it in its entirety. "Yes....I am...I am part guardian...and part...whatever you are..."

"Very interesting." Millia simply said as she lifted her head to look at Mu correctly. "I guess that would explain your massive power scales, and without losing power for long after using it. Which also means, it is not magic you are using." Millia drooled as she thought upon that info although Mu could not see this. "I think you may have forgotten your past, your childhood I mean. Can you tell me, what you think your childhood is? And also, what exactly do you think this place we are in, is?"

Mu sat back and tried to think back. "There is not much beyond never leaving this temple and my training. Oh and Kiralia...she was always there as well as far back as I can remember. Something happened that I cannot quite remember caused us to take to the seas and become pirates...that is it." Mu awaited Millia's response pondering for the first time in ages the gaps in his memory.

"..." Millia said nothing as she stared at Mu in thought. "What.....was her family name?" Millia asked seriously before talking up again. "Also Mu, not to be rude, but I'd rather not be in here any longer," She said as she looked around the ancient structure which seemed to sap her of her strength. "I would like to go, to Kei and I's old home."

"Her name was Kiralia Lei...." Mu said as he got up and walked to the door. Pricking his finger he let the blood drip into the receptacle. The door slid open as the sacrifice was accepted. "Lead the way."

Millia just nodded and stowed away that information in her head for now as Mu walked them outside. "Mu, I would like Kei to come as well, and...even bring everyone else with us. It should still be in good condition, so we won;t have to spend money at an inn while we are here.." Millia asked in what seemed like a sad tone in her voice.

"If that is what you wish Millia then so be it. Take me to this place first and then we shall go and get the others." Mu stood waiting for Millia to lead the way forcing the many questions tumbling around in his head out of his mind, he would deal with them later.

"...Fine then." Millia said in dismissal as she began to walk through the nearby woods with Mu following close behind. "It's hidden in the woods here," Millia began to explain as she pushed plants out of her way while pulling up on her outstretched shirt which had been badly damaged by now. "There should be plenty of supplies as well." A medium sized cabin began to come into view after many minutes of walking. Millia gave a sign to Mu to stay where is his for a moment as she got closer to the cabin. After Millia was within twenty feet of the cabin a hooded figure pounced around the area launching an attack onto Millia which she simply blocked with her small rapier blade clashing against this persons weapon which seemed to be a chakram.

"Who are you, and why do you know this place?" The voice said with a hood over her head even covering most of her own eyesight. "Answer now!"

"Sarah...?" Millia asked as she continued to hold still in the clash while she attempted to look under the persons hood.

The figure slowly removed her hood as she gazed into Millia's eyes while slowly dropping her weapon. "..Yong Miss?" She began to say as her eyes seemed to fill with joyous tears. Without thinking twice she moved towards Millia and held her tightly to which Millia actually responded to by hugging as well. "It's been so long, where did you two go?" She asked before looking up and seeing Mu in the distance. "Who is that man? And where is Kei?" SHe asked hurriedly.

"Kei is back on the boat still, I guess he," Millia said as she looked towards Mu, "Wanted to see the place first before bringing Kei along." Millia thought for a second as she saw Sarah's look of mistrust towards Mu. "You can trust him." Millia said as she shot a look at .Mu warning not to hurt Sarah.
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Mu tensed reflexively as Millia was attacked by the hooded stranger but held his ground, Millia could handle herself in much more then this. The situation seemed to defuse quickly as Millia looked back at Mu with one of her looks that meant she thought she could order him around. He had no intention of hurting anyone so he put up his hands in a placating gesture and started to walk closer. When he approached the unknown girl he held out his hand. "Hi I am Mu Kurashima. I guess you could call me Millia's babysitter. Nice to meet you"

"Babysitter? Ah yea, she can be a handful sometimes." Sarah said jokingly which Millia did not seem to bind coming from her. "My name is Sarah, very nice to meet you, Mu." Sarah said politely. "Please don't think me in a rush, but do you know when Kei will be able to come? It's been so long..." Sarah said with a look of great happiness in her eyes.

"they should arrive shortly, I shall call them for you. One of Mu's bells appeared in his hand and he brought it to his lips whispering into it. Back on the boat a strange glow came from Izzy's pocket as the bell Mu slipped inside began to resonate with power. "Izzy take the bell from your pocket and listen to what I am about to tell you. Grab Kei and tell him that Sarah wishes to see him and that the entire crew is to come along. He will know the way."

Izzy immediately took the bell from his pocket and groaned.

"You know captain, I have to actually get us INTO port, or would you rather I leave the Orlanna stranded at sea?" He asked, his answer dripping with sarcasm and mild annoyance at the prospect of going to deal with Kei.

Mu laughed at Izzy's protest. "You haven't brought her to port yet? Must be losing your touch Izzy. Besides you know me...always one to give unreasonable orders because otherwise...were would the fun be." Mu then cut the connection and mentally recalled his bell which disappeared from Izzy's hand and then returned to him. "Right they should be here as soon...if Kei and Izzy don't start fighting. In the meantime how about some tea." Mu walked on with Sarah leading the way acting as if she was in charge and completely ignoring Millia.

Izzy groaned as he listened to Mu casually taunt him.

"Fine, we'll see how much I've lost my touch...OI! GET YER ASSES ON DECK! IT'S TIME TO ENTER PORT!" He shouted at the top of his lungs, ready to face whatever his crew and the scattered members of Millia's had to offer, and not looking forward to dealing with the aggrivating Kei.

Flynn offered his hand to help Kai up. Still weak, but more together. She ignored Flynn's gesture as well as Kei's empty apology. She rose to her feet just as Izzy was calling everyone top deck. Without a word she shoved past them both to answer Izzy's call.

Perplexed, Flynn stood still for a moment. It vexed him that he wasn't immediately aware of what had happened, but right now he could do nothing to find out. With a scowl and his flask to his lips, he followed Kai to the upper deck.

With his smile fading away back into his normal look Kei walked up to deck hearing the call. Ai slowly came out of her room with Rei as she was plucking bits of vines off of her where she was healing her injuries. Ai and Ren walked onto the deck together before Kei arrived as they looked around wondering what the call could of been for.

Kei walked to the deck as he saw Mu not around, but only Izzy as he spoke out, "So, what is it then?" Kei asked in an apathetic tone.

Izzy merely had a bland expression as he stared at Kei.

"I'm sorry, maybe you didn't hear me with your head up your ass."

At this, he quickly left the wheel for a moment and stepped beside Kei, directly next to his ear, and shouted.

"WE'RE DOCKING ASSHOLE! GET YOUR SHIT READY AND MOVE IT!" And swiftly slapped Kei in the face, throwing him into the mast.


With this, he quickly returned to the helm and awaited the last of the crew to trickle in as they prepared to enter the port.

"Everyone get moving, once we dock, Captain Mu had some orders for you, Kei." He said with a hiss.

"My..." Kei said as he got up coughing. "You certainly have a short fuse there." He finished saying before he moved on to ready the sails.

Ai gave Izzy a look at such a violent outburst coming from Izzy, even if Kei may have deserved it while Ren just sighed as he moved onto other duties that needed attention.
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Izzy merely groaned at Kei's response as he watched the port grow close.

"Alright, let's take care of this quick."

As they entered the port, Izzy went to the side of the ship and tossed down a rope, which some sailors on deck attached to a post to secure the ship.

"Don't even worry about getting anything off the ship yet. Kei, Mu said something about Sarah wanting to see you, I don't know." He said nonchalantly as he leaned against one of the walls on the ship.

Kei's eyes grew wide in shock as he heard Sarah's name spoken. "W-what did you say?" Kei asked quickly as he stared at Izzy. Kei's eyes stood widened for the longest time, with the expression of surprise not leaving his face for even a moment. "I-I'm going now." Kei said with a stutter as he ran off towards the direction of his home.

"That...was strange." Ai said as she watched the spectacle before her.

"Indeed." Ren agreed as he finished letting the anchor down.

"GET BACK HERE DAMNIT! IF YOU'RE JUST GONNA RUN OFF THE LEAST YOU CAN DO IS HELP UNLOAD!" Izzy took off running after Kei, not entirely sure where he thought he was going.

"GET BACK HERE KEI! YOU'RE NOT DONE HERE YET!" He continued to shout as he ran, noticing Kei run into a dark alley nearby.

"Damnit!" He shouted as he continued to chase, seeing Kei beeline for the exit of the city.

"Get back here!" He shouted, knowing he wouldn't catch up.

"Iz." A voice echoed in Izzy's mind.


"Iz, let me get him." The voice continued.

Izzy continued to run, then his eyes widened as he recognized the voice.


"Just focus your energies onto the shadows, and let me get him for you."

"How the hell would you do that?!"

"Trust me."

Izzy shook his head a few times as he continued to run, and realized that at this pace he would in fact lose Kei.

"...Fine." With this, Izzy began to scan the area as he dashed past, and saw a particulairly dense area of shadow near the gate to leave town. Focusing his energy as Kei dashed towards the exit, Izzy saw a dark aura flow from under his feet through the ground, and into the heavy shadows.

As Kei was within an arm's reach of the gate, a figure lept out of the shadows and tackled him to the ground, pinning his arms and legs with a dark aura seeping out of his body. Slowly, the figure turned to Izzy, and grinned.

It was Grey.

Izzy, shocked, ran up and smacked grey in the face lightly to make sure it was truly him.

"You're out?! How?!" He asked, stunned.

Grey shook his head.

"It doesn't matter right now. Don't you have more pressing matters, acting captain?" He asked with a chuckle.

Izzy blinked a few times, then regained his composure as he realized what happened. He quickly turned to Kei and frowned.

"Kei, just what do you think you're doing? Mu gave you orders, yes, but we aren't done here yet! I expected some form of explanation or at least a statement from you, not just you taking off! Now, if you have time to haul ass out of the city, you have time to get your ass back to the Orlanna and help us remove our equipment before you leave! Now MOVE IT!" He shouted.

"I'm sorry," Kei, very surprisingly, said quickly his eyes still wide although one could see he was trying to force himself into composure. "I need to see her, all these years, I thought she'd been dead.." Kei tried to turn and look at Izzy, his eyes somehow showing true caring for the first time. For the first time, his look was actually human about it. "I just can't belive it, I need to see her for myself, it must be a trick!" He said while at first calmly then into a hurried pace.

Izzy groaned as he listened to what he considered Kei's incessant babbling.

"Get over yourself Kei, we have work to do." He grunted, then looked to Grey.

"Come on, help me get him back to the ship."

Grey grinned as he stood up and started walking, the tendrils of darkness dragging Kei along the ground behind them.

"Finish doing your job, then you can go see whoever you want." Izzy huffed.

Once the trio returned to the ship, Grey tossed Kei across the deck, and looked to Izzy with a smile.

"This is goodbye for now, Iz."

Izzy looked confused, until he saw that Grey's body was slowly disintegrating into the light of day.


Grey just continued to smile.

"I'm always just a glance away, call on me whenever you need me."


"The realm of light isn't my home anymore, I can't stay here for extended time. I've done my part, now go do your job."

Izzy smiled and nodded, watching Grey fade away, until he had vanished, the fragments of darkness he had left behind blowing in the wind until they vanished into Izzy's own shadow.

"I'm right behind you, Brother, always will be." Grey said with a chuckle.

Izzy nodded, then turned to Kei, who was still rambling.

"Get your ass in gear and get moving, we have work to do."

As Kei got up from the deck, he looked around realizing just now how he acted. He quickly regained his composure as he gave a slight bow. "Sorry for how I had acted just now." He said simply before getting to work.

Ai at this point just shrugged at continued her work alongside Ren.

Visibly agitated Kai worked along with the rest of them. The beads of sweat that slid off her skin made tiny puddles on the deck. Her mind raced, there was no clear cut answer for what to do next. She knew Kei was practically mad, and that in such a state a lot of damage could be done.

A thought occurred to her, but she was ever so sick of having to speak with that vile, brainwashed, skunk of a glorified hitman. She sighed heavily before walking over to Flynn. "Do you have anything that would...maybe incapacitate someone?" She asked hesitantly. "Stupid question." Flynn thought, but his interest was piqued. He knew it had something to do with whatever happened below deck. "That depends..." he started "Why do you ask?" "Stupid question." Kai ironically thought. Fishing for answers wasn't going to work. "None of your business SCUM, I am SO sorry I asked." and she was, she wasted what she thought to be way too much breath conversing with the likes of him.

She walked back to her work. Leaving Flynn to ponder. He knew the event in question must have been really bad if she resorted to indirectly, almost asking him for help. Kairi angrily stacked cargo. She realized it had been a rather ridiculous thought to ask a man she hated for help, hoping there would be no questions asked. Now that she'd had more time to recover from the mental atrocity she'd witnessed, she could think this out. Reasoning they would all just have to deal with whatever happened, when and if it happened.

After all the crew made preparations and Izzy was satisfied with the quality of work. Kei led the way to his old home.

"Ah yes, tea would be lovely," Sarah replied as she opened the door to allow Mu in with Millia coming in second as Sarah gently prodded her in, in a motherly way. After making tea she pulled out chairs for each of them inside the loving room which had a window with a scenic view in which through the mass of tree ones could see the oceans edge. Sarah poured the tea for each person there, and then sat down herself before she began to speak. "So, how have you been, Young Miss?"|

"Fine, as always." Millia said as she swirled her spoon her her teacup, taking a sip after a few moments. "Nothing really new."

Sarah sighed as she smiled. "You never change, do you little one?" Normally this sort of comment would completely rattle Millia, but she did not even flinch as the words entered her ears. Sarah smiled as she turned towards Mu, smile still there, but not as great as she did not completely trust Mu just yet. "And, Mu, was it? May I start out by asking who you exactly are?"

Kei was calmly leading the group towards the house, but in hesitation. Each step he made one could tell that he, Kei, was nervous. After a walk of ten minutes, he announced to the group that they were halfway there.

Mu sipped his tea slowly purposefully making Sarah wait for his answer. Mu had not stopped watching her from the moment that he had become aware of her presence. He did not know who she was and that made her dangerous but as usual Mu simply decided what the hell...if she was dangerous he would deal with it when the time came. Heck Millia was within arms reach so if worse came to worse he had a shield. These were the thoughts that sifted through Mu's head as he sipped his tea. After what seemed like an unbearable wait Mu finally answered Sarah's question. "For posterities sake I guess you may ask me but it seems a bit odd to say may you because by asking permission to ask the question you already invariably asked the question you were just asking permission to ask." Mu took another long sip of tea and then finished his answer. "Also for posterities sake I will answer you. I am Mu Ra of the Bells. Captain of the Orlanna. Pleasure to be in the care of one such as yourself."

Izzy grunted in annoyance, kicking a pebble down the dirt road as they walked. Once the group stopped, he walked up to Kei and stared him down.

"Alright Kei, how about you explain to us what the hell is going on? Or do you just prefer to tell us we're going somewhere and not saying why?" He asked, sarcasm dripping from his mouth. He did not enjoy being led about by Kei of all people, and his trust in the man didn't even wane, it was nonexistant.
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Kei sighed at Izzy attitude before answering clearly. "We are going to Millia, myself, and Sarah's old home." Kei then walked past Izzy as he continued onward. "And please be good mannered around her," He said as he followed by whispering, "If shes really there..."

Sarah giggled towards how Mu was acting around her. "My, you certainly are the wordy one aren't you? And I can tell that you don't exactly trust me, but I can why so, cannot really trust anyone in these days of age." Sarah smiled as she looked towards Mu. "You are cute though," Sarah said in a motherly way as she turned to Millia. "Don't you think so, Young Miss?"

"....I guess so," She forced herself to say as she blushed. It seemed Millia had no trouble being obedient in front of Sarah, no matter what she had said.

Sarah smiled at Millia as she patted her head lovingly. "Always trying to be polite around me, good girl."

Izzy sighed and put his hands in his pockets as he shuffled along behind Kei.

"This coming from the man who seems to have a problem with authority and so much dark power wafting off of him it's begun to smell foul? I can handle myself around others Kei, please don't assume to instruct me. You watch what YOU do, your actions could leave a very bad stain on the reputation of captain Mu's crew." He hissed.

Mu smiled wickedly as Sarah treated Millia like a child and knowing there was nothing she could do he decided to have a little fun. "Oh yes Millia is always such a polite and sweet little girl she just loves to clean and cook and do the laundry on the ship. I try and help but she just says in her cute little voice 'Laundry and cooking and cleaning are a little girls proper job Big Brother Mu who I so love and adore and thank for saving me from the evil pirates who would have killed me.' It is so cute i can never resist and I have to just let her do as she wishes cause I couldn't bear to make such a cute little girl unhappy." Mu said with a voice that sounded as if he was being completely honest even though inside he was reveling at the look of pure hatred Millia shot him over Sarah's shoulder. "Oooo look now shes giving one of her cute little stares. I know that one..It's the I want to go in the kitchen and make Mu a sandwich like as, how does she put it, oh right," switching to a mocking little girls voice, "'Like a good little girl should!' Yes that is it."

A sweat drop seemed to roll down Kei's forehead as he answered. "Well, with Sarah around you won't have to worry about me, sullying, your captains name. Not too much longer till we are there."

"Is it me, or does he seem a little on edge?" Ai whispered to Ren and Izzy when Kei was out of earshot, in a tone of worridness.

"Ah, I wouldn't worry, probably the wife calling him." Ren said jokingly, only within earshot of Ai and Izzy as he laughed quietly.

"Mu..." Millia began as her blushing reached the point of a boiling teapot. "Shut, up already Mu, I get it! Haha!" She yelled as she opened a portal as she went to use it to grab her weapon, but just as quickly as the portal opened, Sarah quickly turned around and with one quick swing of her hand, instantly shattered Millia's portal as if it were glass. 'Shards' of the portal began to fall to the ground, and after a few moments the portal's pieces vanished. Sarah was indeed very powerful it seemed, to be able to just shatter Millia's portal like that.

Sarah put her palm to her face as she gave a heavy sigh. "I see you still can't control that temper of yours. Now sit down, and behave yourself!" Sarah said with a mean, but motherly tone of punishment about it as Millia hurridly sat down in her seat once again. "I can't believe after all these years, what has Kei been teaching you?" She asked as she put her palm to her face once again. "No, don't even answer that." She corrected herself as she thought of all the trouble they probably got in because of him. "And I never want to see you use the power inside the house again." After speaking all this as Millia blushed harder then ever before, Sarah brushed her clothes of dust as she apologized to Mu, "I'm so sorry about that. I know from what you were saying you were pushing her buttons, and I hope you were doing so to show me how she has yet to improve on her anger," She began before shooting Millia a look to which she just looked down to the ground shuffling her feet. "I hope she hasn't been that much of a nuisance to you, and your crew mates." Sarah said, apologizing once more.

Izzy glared ahead, a wave of darkness almost visibly surrounding Kei.

"Whatever...I don't trust him. Someone with that much dark energy pouring out of them is too dangerous to be trusted, hell, Grey doesn't have that kind of energy, and Grey lives in the realm of darkness." He whispered as he once again kicked a pebble.

"He better watch his tone and actions from here on, I'm not letting him sully the crew's reputation and risk me losing my ship."

"Oh no Millia never loses her temper. Never ever never...I mean it's not like she leveled an entire city killing thousands of people in a fit of childish rage...or anything. She even carries around this lovely little dollie that she hugs when shes's so cuuuuute." Mu ducked behind the chair as a familiar dagger was chucked right at his head. Flicking his wrists an inch of Milllia's hair was sliced by his invisible string. "Yup just a sweet little girl who tries so hard to play at the grown up level." Then he pulled out the dagger and sat back in the chair. "Thank you Millia this chair is much more comfortable did you know that was what I wanted?"

"Here, we have arrived." Kei said as the group walked into the small yard before the house. Kei seemed to stop for a moment before walking forward again, slowly now.

Millia simply held herself tightly to her chair as she awaited the next lexture.

Sarah noticed all the actions in front of her to which she sighed. "Eye for an eye then?" Sarah said with a giggle after Mu pulled a hair out of Millias head. "I'll confiscate her dagger," Sarah said as she took the dagger from Mu. "Millia, last warning, that is two strikes," Sarah said as she squeezed the blade of the dagger in her hand, shattering it into bits of portal dust. Before sitting back down, she could feel the presence of Kei closing in to which she smiled, and giggled. "Kei is almost here." She said happily.

Izzy merely sighed.

"That's great. Wonderful. Now are you going to actually tell us what's going on here? We've been following you blindly and all we know is that this is your old home. How about explaining what the hell we are doing here?!"

When Kei did not respond, he sighed.

"Well? No answer? What a surprise, there IS no point to us being here is there? Just one of your fanciful whims." He huffed.

Kei almost growled as Izzy continue to prod his questions. "Can't you wait a damn minute? Can't you have sort of patience at all?" Kei yelled as he quickly moved over and grabbed Izzy by the collar, just in time for Sarah to open the door and see the spectacle to which Kei slowly turned his head towards the sound of the door, sweat drops rolling down his forehead. "Heh...heh..hello, Sarah." Kei said guiltily.

Sarah stood there, tapping her foot. "I see your anger is still like a rocket," She began angrily. "Must be why Millia is still so anger prone." She finished speaking as she seemingly teleported next to Kei, but instead of a full fledged teleport, she seemed to shatter like glass, and reassemble next to Kei in an instant which scared Kei enough to make him let go of Izzy and stumble backwards. Sarah immediately slapped him across the face hard enough to make him begin to fall to his knees, but didn't hit the ground as Sarah caught him by the collar. Holding Kei she turned to Izzy, "I'm sorry for his actions, please forgive him." She said with a small curtsy while still holding onto Kei's collar. She then began to drag him inside the house. "C'mon, you lazy bum." It seemed she was much more aggressive towards Kei then she was to Millia. "Oh, won't you all please come in?" She said to everyone standing outside, most likely awestruck at what just transpired in front of them. Sarah pulled in Kei and put him in the chair next to Millia and gave them both a stare to which they just blushed in embarrassment.

Izzy merely stuffed his hands in his pockets, a look of disapproval on his face as he stared at Kei, but his look changed to a calm and composed one as he turned and bowed to the woman before him.

"Pleasure, miss. I'm Isaiah Roma, shipwright for Captain Mu's crew. Your hospitality is much appreciated."

He did not know this woman, but he would at the very least keep up appearances. He told Kei he would be respectful, and he fully intended to keep his word, even if he disliked the man.
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Mu smiled as Sarah completely took control of both Kei and Millia and left them both nervous wrecks. She obviously has the ability to dispel Millia and Kei's power, Mu thought to himself. Looking around as his crew got seated he said, " that we are all here....what now?"

"Well first," Sarah began as she got tea ready for each new guest. "Introduction with everyone else." She said as she began to give a curtsey. "I am Sarah Hakumei, I am pleased to make your acquaintances."

"I am known as Ren, Miss." Ren said as he bowed back respectfully. "Hakumei... I didn't think any of the Hakumei family left themselves in the open.." Ren thought to himself.

"I am Ai, of the Niju family, Ren is my guardian." Ai said promptly as she herself thought the same thing Ren thought.

"Oh, another power? And I see you are quite well mannered, you could learn a thing or two Milly." Sarah said which seemed to cause Ai to slightly blush, having heard another person other then herself call Millia, Milly.

Kai didn't mean to be rude, but her mind was elsewhere. "Oh uh Kai, I'm Kai." she stammered briefly returning to reality. She made a quick bow, not feeling the need to divulge her last name. Sarah probably already knew who she was anyway.

"Flynn ma'am, just call me Flynn." He too saw no need for giving a last name. He made a deep bow and when he came up he grabbed her hand and kissed it softly. "I must say I'm quite surprised that such powerful hands could be so delicate." Kai thought she would retch. Who did he think he was? Some kind of Don Juan?

Sarah simply smiled towards Kai as she giggled at her stammer. "You sure are a cute one aren't you. Are you perhaps, Kei's sister? You both do look alike." She said smiling.

After Flynn had made his formal greeting, Sarah giggled with a blush. "My, what a gentlemen you are, so sweet, and innocent although I can tell you are no novice with a blade."

Kei looked down upon Flynn in both disgust, and what seemed like jealousy. "You know if you take a picture, it will last longer."

"Settle down Kei," Sarah began as she rolled her eyes. She walked over to Kei and patted him on the head, now entering embarrassment into his face. "And now your blushing? You never did get along with others did you, even back when going into town was a hassle, I guess it prob still would be."

Kei sat silent with his cheeks flushed as he quietly spoke up. "I would like to do so again, after all these years."

"We can hun, just be patient." Sarah replied as she moved back over to her seat although still standing as she smiled to everyone.

Kai stood with her mouth agape. Sweet, gentleman, innocent? This lady was either stupid or, no that wasn't it. She wasn't stupid. Sarah just seemed to be ignoring everyone's flaws, seeing the best in them. Kai had seen pictures of this place, and of her in Kei's mind, but in the disheveled state it had been in, it didn't allow Kai to feel the warmth that Sarah exuded. She could see now why Kei had been in such a hurry to get over here. She knew they had an intimate relationship, but that wasn't the only bond between them. To a clone that never knew a mother Kai could easily see how Sarah could fill that role too.

Flynn laughed inwardly and smirked outwardly. He knew that was the response of a very jealous man. He thought he might have a bit of fun. "Ooops." he said as he accidentally dropped his teacup. "Clumsy me." he raised his shoulders with his palms facing upwards. As Sarah bent down to pick up the glass Flynn looked at her finely crafted rear. He then caught Kei's gaze and winked.

Kei stood up suddenly, hands firmly on the table. "I'm going to my room, I need to rest." Kei said as his face, flushed red steamed like the warming teapot on the stove.

"Kei..." Sarah said as she actually showed a face that seemed down, but only for a moment before she put the teacup down onto the table. "I'm sorry for how he has behaved, please forgive him." She said as she gave a small bow. "I should go see him..." She said quietly as she contemplated to leave the guests on their own, confused as to which she should do.

Kai wasn't surprised by Flynn's level of uncouth, she was however slightly surprised by her brother's reaction. Maybe there was hope for him yet if he was able to harbor such a soft spot. Maybe the murderous insanity she'd witnessed wouldn't win out after all.

"I'm sorry," Sarah began with a bow. "But I think I should check on him, please excuse me." She finished saying before walking to the door KEi had gone though, but stopped at the doorway and said to Millia, "Oh sweetheart, be a dear and prepare the guestrooms." She said as she smiled towards Millia. Millia, without a word got up, cheeks aflame as she went to the guest rooms.

Inside Sarah's room, Kei had been laying down upon the bed with his hand over his head as if he had a headache. "Kei, how have you really been doing?" She asked as she sat down next to Kei while she held his other hand which lay upon the bed.

"I could ask you the same thing," Kei began as he slowly sat up. "The last I heard, you disappeared, I, I thought you died." Kei said gloomily.

"Not at all Kei, I just needed to disappear for awhile after the Hakumei family set out a wanted poster for me." She said with a tone of regret in her voice. "I'm sorry, but I didn't want them to go after you two." She said calmly with a kind look in her eyes.

"I understand," Kei said as he moved closer to Sarah and held her close. "I understand." He said again, seemingly at a loss for words.

"Kei, how long will you be staying here?" She asked worriedly, not wanting to lose him again.

"I don't know...originally, we were to only evade the navy for awhile.." He said as they both caught each others eyes, and Kei had, for the first time in a long time, had a look of real care and emotion in his eyes. They, together, slowly shared their first kiss after a decade of separation. Some love will never waver.

Sarah pulled away from her kiss slowly as one could see tears in her eyes from happiness. "I need to check on the guests hun, you can stay here and rest, I'll be back after I take care of them." She said sweetly to which Kei nodded before laying his head down upon the pillow and nearly instantly falling into a deep, peaceful sleep. Being here, caused him to be the most relaxed he has ever been.

"Sorry about the wait, but Milly may take awhile to finish the rooms." She said while bowing. "Oh, and I hate to ask, but Mu, and Izzy, could you two help me by gathering firewood or cleaning the yard, please? I'm so sorry for asking, just there is so much to do around here." She asked Mu while smiling, thinking to herself that she is asking too much and keeps bowing as an apology before she turned to Kai and Ai. "And maybe the girls and I could go into town to go food shopping." Sarah said lovingly with a smile.

"uuuhhh..." Kai was bewildered. She wasn't used to being addressed so nicely. "...Sure." She said finally. The smile she was wearing snuck up on her. "What a pleasantly infectious woman." she thought. "Ah but what about...?" Kai looked all over the room.

Flynn was gone, skulking about the house no doubt. "Bilge rat." She'd hoped Sarah would put him up to something with the rest of the men, so that he'd be accounted for. Unfortunately he beat her to the punch. At least he wouldn't try to kill Millia...yet. He was far too interested in the current happenings. "Never mind, it's nothing."

Mu stood up and motioned for Izzy to follow him outside. "It is not a problem Miss...Izzy and I will be glad to chop some wood for you. It will give us a chance to let off some steam." Mu left the house and walked to the nearby woods and clenched his fists when he unclenched them in between each of his fingers on both hands were four bells. Mu then brought his arms up and crossed them in front of his face, the near invisible strings slightly glistening in the moist sunlit air. Mu closed his eyes in concentration as he mentally mapped out each move. Taking a deep breath he opened his eyes and hummed softly as he lashed out once with each arm. The strings moved so fast they seemed to just pass through the trees. Each tree began to fall simultaneously to the side slowly. Mu then brought his arms back behind him as his hum changed from a low pitch to a slightly higher one. The strings once again passed through the trees except from the opposite side this time around. Mu then brought his hands back in front of his face to the first position and just as quickly his hum changed to a pitch so high it was inaudible to normal human ears. With a burst of strength he ripped his arms out to the sides and the trees instantly split into easily manageable logs that fell neatly into piles. "Alright me what you can do."
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Izzy sighed as he watched Mu's display.

"Just some firewood eh? Shouldn't take too much effort..."

At this, Izzy searched through his mind and made contact with Grey once more.

"Light, Iz...Show me the light..."

At this, Izzy opened his eyes and slowly made his way over to a lantern sitting beside a nearby door.

He cautiously picked up the lantern, and slowly returned to his location, standing opposite his captain, a blank expression on his face, his eyes pale and greyed.

Without watching his own movements, he opened the lantern and placed a lit match inside, lighting the wick and illuminating the area around him.

Once the small flame had flickered to life, Izzy's shadow, and all of the shadows around him, grew long in the darkness.

"Let's see just how far I can go in the darkness..."

As the darkness began to grow around him, Izzy shut his eyes once again, and Grey stepped out from behind his back.

"Evenin' captain, or is it still sunny out? Don't really know these days, all time feels like nighttime to me." He stated as he looked at Mu, a small smirk on his face, eyes glowing an eery red.

"So...Just some woodcutting, right?"

As he asked this, the unsheathing of blades was heard and a glint was seen in the darkness, and out of every shadow behind every tree, a scythe had emerged, attached to the trunk of the tree.


Izzy opened his eyes, which were glowing a blinding white.

"After all, what good would we be if we couldn't even do that?"

At this, more light began to pour from the lantern, and Izzy slowly reached inside of it once again, pulling a hand out, with a small flame dancing across his hands.

"I wonder..."

Izzy closed his hand, slowly but tightly, and the flame dissipated. However, small cracks of light began to fight through his fingertips, until eventually he swung his hand towards the ground, and a blinding flash ensnared the area.


At this, the sounds of a hundred blades swinging and slicing through solid material were heard, and as the light dissipated, dozens of trees that had surrounded Izzy were in small circular log pieces, scattered about the area at his feet.


He still wasn't sure of how his powers worked, he never truly was. However, he always knew he had an affinity for the light, the ability to persuade it, manipulate it ever so lightly. However, this led to a constant fear of the darkness, a place where he was outside of the contact of his close friend, the light. It was not until the incident with Grey's loss of a body, and the revelation of the power that their fusion provided, that he realized just how strong his abilities had become. His connection to Grey, the embodiment of the shadows, had allowed his body to amplify his own connection to the light in his own body, and the world. He could talk to the light, befriend it. Persuade it. Control it.

And now, with Grey's help, he controlled the darkness too.

"That was...ok", Mu said with a teasing smirk, "But is that the best you can do?" Mu then walked deeper into the woods until the house could no longer be seen and quickly cleared a large area of trees obliterating stumps and all. "Now me what you and grey can do...I wont go easy on you" Mu then took a offensive stance preparing for the match. A excited smile that made him look almost evil. He knew Izzy and grey had considerable power but now...he would see what he had created and possibly pay for some of the sins he had committed.

Izzy grinned and took a step forward.

"In that case, Captain...Please, make the first strike." He said as he stopped and took a knee, a good few yards away from Mu, eyes shut, and slowly reaching for his pocket with one hand, the other draped comfortably over his knee.

"Anticipate anything...This is Mu we're talking about, he could do anything at first strike. Prepare for anything, and respond accordingly. Wait, and strike." He told himself calmly, knowing either Mu would start full-force, or he wouldn't start at all, instead deferring to Izzy. Either way, he had to prepare himself, both physically and mentally.

Mu smiled as he nodded his head acknowledging Izzy's request. "Never give me the first strike are too kind..." Mu twitched one finger so slightly that only the most trained of eyes could discern that any movement had happened. Suddenly Izzy was thrown into the air dragged along by Mu's string which had wound itself around Izzy's foot the moment he took a knee. With another twitch Izzy was sent flying in a circle smashing into each of the trees left on the outside of the clearing cutting each in two. Then as if to only drive his point home Mu released Izzy's foot and twitched a finger on his other hand which caused Izzy to reverse direction this time pulled along by a string on his wrist. Izzy was pulled along like a ragdoll as Mu pulled him to the ground in the center of the clearing releasing him from the string with another flick.

The smile was gone from Mu's face and was replaced by one of seriousness as he readied himself for what he was to do next. " better be prepared for this fight...because if you are will die...." As if to drive his point home Mu closed his hand and each of the trees that Izzy had snapped suddenly rained down upon his prone form in the center of the clearing seemingly trapping him under the sheer weight.


Izzy felt himself be buried under the tremendous weight of the tree remains, attempting to focus on that rather then the pain he had endured mere moments before. He had never seen Mu this furious before, this enraged...this bloodthirsty. He wanted to think it was merely a show of strength to make him fight at his best, but he knew all to well from working with the man for as long as he had: Mu was not a man to hold back. This wasn't just a test, this was survival. And slowly, Izzy closed his eyes, embracing the wondrous comfort of slumber for the moments he needed.

Izzy opened his eyes, standing once more at the divide between the light and darkness within his own mind, looking around and seeing that each side was slightly different then it was during his last visit. The realm of light that Izzy stood in was now lightly layered in flowers, with cobblestone, tiles, marble, and other materials scattered about the area. The realm of darkness, where Grey now resided, the glint of metal could barely be seen peeking through the darkness. Izzy began to look into the areas of both realms, and look into his own mind, to discover the answers he sought.

He knew he had some physical power to back him, but it paled in comparison to some of the members of the crew he served. Others may have had their power and strength as an asset for them, and he was no slouch. But this was not where Isaiah Roma shined, this was not his strength. His weapon of choice was not the gun, nor the sword.

It was his mind.

He was a designer, an architect, and an engineer. His weapons weren't dangerous because of the power they housed, they were dangerous because HE designed them. He knew every inch of their capabilities, and he used them to their fullest. The buildings he designed were built to weather the strongest of storms, the guns he built able to punch through iron and bronze. His mind was his strength, his ideas his weapons, and when they took physical form, he was nigh unstoppable by any normal man.

But his crew was not normal, by any means. He would need something more, something greater, something more ambitious, if he were to defeat, nay, just SURVIVE, his captain's onslaught.

"Grey is a friend, and a valuable asset, but I can't rely on his power alone. I have to become more aware of what I can do, utilize it, and make something worthwhile out of it..."

"My powers are derived from the light within my body, and Grey's are composed of the essence of darkness...If I can utilize them as one..."

Izzy opened his eyes, and once more he saw the piles of wood on top of him.

"Honestly captain, is this the best you can do? I'm almost disappointed!" Slowly, Izzy forced himself to rise, ignoring any semblence of pain that wormed its way through his body.

He would not show weakness. He would not show pain. His will was indomitable, strong as steel, and he would be victorious.

Throwing all of his weight behind his attempt to rise, slowly the wood started to be pushed aside, however, not without a fight, and slowly, Izzy's body started to emanate a faint glowing white aura.

"No matter what you throw at me..."

The wood started to move aside more swiftly and roughly.

"No matter what pain I may suffer..."

Some of the wood began to be tossed through the air.


In a blinding explosion, any remaining pieces of wood were either flung far and wide, or completely incinerated at the epicenter of the blast.

Slowly, the light faded, and Izzy stood before his captain, waves of white fire emanating from his body, light blasting through the area, so bright that any trace of darkness was gone.


With a wave of his hand, Izzy looked up, white fire in his eyes, a blast of light shot out towards Mu, launching him back through a nearby tree, leaving a scorched path across the ground leading to where Mu landed.

"Come on Mu, I know that didn't hurt. Get up, I'm just getting started." Izzy scoffed as he took a step forward in the remains of the nearby trees.

His mind was prepared for whatever Mu could throw at him, and with the powers of light and darkness, shadow and the glow of light, he could take whatever Mu would send his way, ignoring the pain. He hadn't even tapped half of his potential yet, utilized only the light within him, not even touching Grey's power, HIS power, yet. The light had the power to defend, the power to protect. But the darkness, it held the power to destroy, a power Izzy knew he would need VERY soon.

Mu rose with an unnaturally silent and fluid motion, his face as stone, cold and devoid of emotion. A red aura started to seep from him, the energy so thick it seemed more like an ooze then an aura. From his right hand a green ooze much like the red aura poured out form his bells covering his hand making the air sizzle and crackle as the energy discharged, from his left a purple energy which swirled and twisted like the wind did the same. The red aura tapered off into nothing at several areas upon Mu's back and shoulders as if they were spikes.

Mu started to slowly walk towards Izzy and the closer he got the more the air sizzled and crackled as the aura's of both pirates clashed in the space in between them neither wanting to give way to the other. Mu started to smile slowly which turned into a grin which quickly turned into a cackle which grew into pure madness as a look of pure Ecstasy became painted upon Mu's face. Through the laughter Mu's voice rang out with unnatural clarity, but it was not only Mu's voice that spoke but the voices of two others combined with his in perfect harmony.

"Very good Izzy....Show me your me your will to...SURVIVE!" Without warning Mu spread his arms and fingers wide to each side of his body as a thousand strings burst forth from his hands and began to lash out at Izzy relentlessly. The strings wrapped themselves around his wrists and ankles as Mu started to pull Izzy in punching and kicking him with full force. He then jumped up in the air high above the tree tops and he threw Izzy far above his head and then used the momentum to pull himself above him aiming a kick right at his chest. The force caused them to vault back to the ground with violent speed "Come on Izzy....SHOW ME YOUR POWER! SHOW ME THE POWER OF ROMALA!" As the last syllable left his lips they slammed into the ground leaving a huge crater. Mu released Izzy and jumped to the outside of the crater pacing back and forth knowing that the fight was not yet over.

With a single cough and a spurt of blood from his mouth, Izzy slowly pulled himself to his feet, the white fire in his eyes more intense now than even before.

"Come now Mu...I already told you, throw anything you want at me..."

Slowly, the blinding white fire began to spread outward, washing over the nearby trees and rubble, a blanket of light covering a bed of darkness and shadows. The white fire began to be covered in an outer layer of black and red, and slowly the shadows on the ground began to grow.

"And I will throw it back TENFOLD!"

Figures began to crawl from within the inky blackness, each latching tightly onto one of Mu's limbs, until one slowly wormed it's way up his back, latching onto his neck, a malicious grin seen through the shadows.

"Hello again...Captain." Grey hissed with a smile.

Izzy smirked as he pulled a fist back, slowly being wrapped in the majestic fires that enveloped his body, and grinned, locking eyes with Grey. The shadowy figures secured themselves into the ground and began to pull back, in a motion similar to that of a slingshot.

With a single nod, the shadowy figures launched forward, sending Mu flying into Izzy's line of sight, and within his reach.

And, in a motion that would baffle most anyone viewing the spectacle, Izzy shut his eyes.

"My mind is a bullet." He whispered to himself as the white fire solidified itself, plastering onto his fist as he swung forward, slamming into Mu's chest, a blast of fire bursting through his back, sending him flying back into the shadows, which caught him and slung him once again.

"My body a gun." Another swing, once more sending Mu flying back into the shadows, which launched him yet again.

"I am a weapon." Slowly the fires encased both of his fists, and he swung upwards, sending a blast of fire through Mu's chest once more and sending him flying into the sky. Izzy's crouched down, preparing to jump, as the fires encased his legs.

"I do not miss." With incredible force, Izzy propelled himself into the sky, white fire blasting from his soles, blazing fists aimed straight for Mu's chest once more.

"Not now..." Izzy swiftly made impact with Mu's chest, blasting more fire through his body as he rotated around Mu, his feet aimed squarely for his back.


And with all the force Izzy could muster, he slammed his feet into Mu's back, sending yet another blast of fire through his body, the force of the hit, combined with gravity, outweighing the countermeasure of the fiery blast, propelling them to the ground at a horrifying speed.

"THIS IS MY POWER MU! THIS IS MY STRENGTH!" He roared as his voice struggled past the gale winds generated by their travelling speed.

"NO TRICKS, NO LIES. JUST PURE..." Slowly, darkness began to pool into the crater where Mu had launched Izzy mere moments before.

"UNBRIDLED..." The shadows began to solidify, forming the mighty glint of a blade.

"POWER!" As they made impact with the ground once more, out of the corner of Mu's amused eye, he could see Grey's face peeking out of the shadows, smiling at him as he was impaled by the shadowy blade. At which point, the momentum and energy they had built up in the fall caught up to them, in an explosion of dust and white, black and red fires.

Izzy grinned as he lept off of Mu's back and stood at the base of the now even larger crater.

"THIS IS NOT ROMALA'S POWER! MY HOME LAYS NO CLAIM TO THIS!" He bellowed out, a powerful echo forming.



Mu smiled and laughed wickedly as he stood and grasped the shadow blade in one hand and crushed it into oblivion. Blood dripped freely from his wounds but Mu seemed unaffected by any of it, if anything he seemed all the more powerful for it. He closed his eyes and when he opened them it was as if he was a different person. His eyes were pitch black and his skin started to fade to a pale bleach white. When he opened his mouth to speak his voice was once again different. It was deep..abyssal...ancient. "Foolish think that is honestly believe that is pure true power? You have a lot to learn about true power....I will show you what horrors the darkness and the light hold....power beyond anything you have ever imagined....I am finally free..." With an inhuman howl ending in a wicked cackle that made the air spark with a dark evil power. "NOW FOOLISH MORTAL...YOU SHALL FEEL THE WRATH NOT SEEN SINCE THE TIMES WHEN THE ANCIENTS WALKED THE EARTH!" A flash of light burst from Mu temporarily blinding Izzy and everyone nearby dispelling each of his shadows except for Grey. When the light cleared Mu stood floating above the crater cackling madly. His clothing had changed drastically. He seemed to be donned in clothes made of pure gold that flowed like liquid when he moved but looked as sharp and as strong as the most tempered steel. "To long have i slept hidden away from the world...that day ends today...the world shall once again quake in fear of my power...this mortal vessel shall suffice for now..." Then almost as an afterthought he looked to Izzy as if he just noticed he was there. "Oh right...true power is it?....fool" With a flick of his finger a thousand golden strands pierced Izzy and Grey all throughout their bodies causing both to bleed, Izzy bleeding black blood and Grey bleeding white. "This is true power...." Mu opened his mouth and let out a single high pitched note which caused the strings to resonate. Izzy and Grey let out screams in unison. "Yes...feel the true power as it slowly unravels think you have true power because you control light and are wrong...everything has a frequency.. everything is affected by sound...right now your forms are being destabilized by my frequencies...feel the true power as it destroys you foolish mortal...feel the power of a god...." Mu laughed mercilessly as Izzy and Grey's screams pierced the night. "LISTEN TO THE MUSIC IT IS WONDERFUL!"

Unknown to the preoccupied Mu two light one green and one purple streaked off into the forest in opposite directions. Each seeming to have a goal..or someone to find.

"That doesn't sound good..." Ren said with his eyes closed like normal as he still held up the wood that nearly hit the house. He had been watching the entire fight as he used his power to stop any wood from flying into Sarah's home.

It was only then when Kei exited the house to see whats what as he did not care at their little fight, but as he opened the door and the saw the power laid out in front of him Kei nearly fell backwards in fear and awe of this power. He saw the purple streak seem to have a small sliver cut from the rest as it fell into the home towards where the doll had been for the past few days as the two streak continued towards the females of the group.

Kei looked behind him only to see the doll already standing over him as it began to speak aloud towards Ren and Kei.

"I don't like this..." Sarah said worridly as the girls stopped walking as they felt the battle go on.

"Just forget them," Millia said angrily. "They are just being childish and fighting for no reason, there is no reason to wor-" She stopped talking as a massive source of power exploded.

"Milly..." Ai said worriedly as she shuddered in fear at the power. "I don't like this, what should we do?"

"L-let's just ignore it..." Millia said in a horribly scared voice as she backed away from the direction of the current.

"Girls! Calm down!" Sarah said loudly, but still with a sweet sound in her voice as she held to the two close to her. "You all wait here, I will check it out." She said as she suddenly shattered like glass only to appear instantly, outside her home next to Ren and Kei, just in time to hear the doll speak.

"No! Sarah!" Millia said as she went to chase after her before Ai stopped her, tears in both of their eyes as they both looked towards Kai with a look of fear and helplessness among them. They were indeed pitiful in this state.

Soon after the purple and green quickly enveloped in front of them causing Ai and Millia to nearly jump into each others arms before hiding behind Kai.

Kai forced a calm soft expression onto her face. The sinking feeling in her stomach was getting worse. She turned to the two frightened girls. No one was particularly fond of apparitions, but it was clear Meri meant no harm this time.

He was trying to warn them, but he seemed suddenly mute. Perhaps a result of Mu's insane surge of power. His green glow was flickering, still he made gestures trying to convey the gravity of the situation.

With more clarity than she'd felt in a long time, Kai knew what she had to do.
Ai and Millia, despite having formidable powers of their own, were essentially still children. With her unwaveringly comforting expression Kai bent down slightly to offer a hug.

The girls never saw or felt the quick chops that rendered them unconscious. Kai gently lofted them up, one for each shoulder. She was fully prepared to make the trek back to the cabin to find someone to watch them, but thankfully she saw a figure making it's way up the path.

It was Flynn...Kai was a little less thankful, but chided herself for being so picky. After all, desperate times called for desperate measures. "I need you to keep them out of immediate danger." She said forcefully. Up until then Flynn had been completely distracted, looking off in the distance towards the epicenter of the disturbance. His eyes re focused on Kai's. "Let me get this straight," he started "you're going to leave the elite assassin, with two defenseless teenage girls, one of which being his assigned target?" Kai didn't hesitate when she replied "Yes."

"Yes?" Flynn asked incredulously. Kai realized on the spot that if she was mysterious enough Flynn's curious nature would trump his dutiful side (if he even had one) every time. He wouldn't touch Millia until every mystery, loose end, and fun fact was solved, taken care of, and discovered.

Kai took off towards the trouble at an alarming speed. Surprisingly the closer she got, the stronger she felt. She'd heard guardian abilities were at their most powerful when their charges were in danger, like a special kind of adrenaline. This was perplexing however, because Mimi wasn't in danger, she never would be again. The orphan was safely sealed forever. The thought was quickly pushed aside, replaced with a flood of more important thoughts. Very close now, she could feel the full effect of the nauseating immensity of Mu's energy.

What on earth could have caused this?
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Izzy shut his eyes as he reflexively screamed, unable to control or even comprehend the pain being sent through his body as the strings attempted to shred his flesh through vibration, until eventually, the pain provided him the solace he needed, and he passed into a brief coma. Seeing this as he screamed as well, Grey's eyes rolled into his shadowy head, and he melted into a puddle of inky blackness, shriveling in the light and vanishing into the earth.

Izzy opened his eyes, and was once more in the constructive realm of his mind. However, this time, the realm itself, Izzy's mental sanctuary, was very different from how he left it.

The architecture, the building materials, all of them were strewn across the blinding white landscape, battered and broken, set ablaze and completely unable to be used, while in the shadowy realm of Izzy's mind, gunfire was heard constantly, the clashing of blades, the occasional glint of metal seen in the darkness. One thing was very easily clear, out of all the chaos in the realm...

Nothing was salvageable. Nothing was useable. No construction could be done. And without being able to construct anything in his mind, Izzy would be powerless in his own domain.

"Well...Shit." Was all he could muster as he watched the chaos unfold within his subconcious.

Once more, he shut his eyes, attempting to tune out the madness around him, and slowly the chaos began to draw itself in on him. The gunfire began to turn towards him, and the debris in the area began to fly in his direction, until he was being pelted from all sides by debris and gunshots, but still, Izzy refused to open his eyes, even as he slowly crumpled to the ground.

"Work past it...Tune it out...The pain isn't real...The agony isn't real..."

Slowly, as Izzy continued to be pelted with the debris and gunshots, a thick white aura began to emanate off of his body, gradually getting thicker as he was pelted with more of the materials strewn about his mindscape.

"Tune it out...None of it matters..."

Eventually, the aura grew, and blasted outwards, becoming a glorious white fire, similar to the one present when Izzy made his first attacks on Mu. However, this was stronger, more dangerous. The debris began to get blasted outwards, away from Izzy's body, the bullets bouncing off of the blinding white flames. And eventually, as the fires grew, another shockwave burst out from Izzy's body.

"The pain isn't real..." And as the shockwave ended, Izzy opened his eyes, and once again, his mindscape was clear. The materials were organized and ready for use, the guns and swords once again hidden away in the inky shadows.

"The power of light...The power to protect..."

Izzy shut his eyes in thought, and his mind began to race once again as he looked through all of his capabilities for a way to defeat his new adversary, until...

Izzy opened his eyes, staring up at the sky around him, the strings impaling his skin no longer causing him pain, no longer making him suffer, the white fires emblazed in his pupils, covering his very skin.

Slowly, he focused, and the fires began to coat his skin, until none of the strings would penetrate them.

Izzy took a step forward.

"I don't know who you are...or what you are, for that matter. But I DO know, that you aren't my captain."

With every step that Izzy took towards his new enemy, the fires entered his wounds, filling them, numbing the pain, repairing the damage.

"And thus, I have no reservations in facing you!"

Izzy put a hand to his side, grabbing a holstered pistol and aiming it at the floating madman, the white fires wafting over the pistol, until eventually the gun itself was a solid cast of white fire.

"Just relax...Aim...And fire..."

As Izzy pulled the trigger, a blast of white fire shot from the muzzle, blasting through the sky, and impaling the new foe, sending a swift shockwave, blasting all life in the area back several dozen feet.

"Come on! I know this isn't the best that you can do to me! YOU'VE CLEARLY NEVER SEEN THE POWERS OF LIGHT AND DARKNESS AT WORK! FIGHT ME LIKE A MAN! FIGHT ME!" He screamed at the top of his lungs. Slowly, he was regaining control of his faculties, dimming the pain coursing through his body, becoming more aware of the situation at hand, and hoping with all of his being that his crewmates were sensing the danger he was in.

Mu laughed as he was blasted back away from Izzy. He landed on his feet some yards away and just stood there as if stunned by the attack. the only movement was his chest heaving from laughter. Suddenly the laughter stopped and was replaced with a smile as if the old Mu had returned. He appeared behind Izzy and put his hand on his shoulder going through the aura as if it wasn't there. Mu's smile deepened and his eyes were pools of fiery darkness any who stared directly in them were burned by the shadows within. " are a pathetic claim to have power over dark and light but you have yet to even realize...the full have little control over the darkness fear seek to control your darkness....with light. You force it to obey you by sheer will power and by clinging to the light within you. I think its about time you let the darkness within take over..." Mu gripped Izzy's shoulder harder and moved even closer to his ear. He whispered a single barely audible note and suddenly Izzy's world was plunged into darkness. Not only was he blind but he also felt any connection to the light completely suppressed. Mu then smiled and kicked Izzy in the groin sending him flying into the shadows of the remaining trees. "Now Izzy...face the fears and the chaos within...or die!"

Kai saw Sarah hiding on the edge of the battle, observing. Though she really wasn't sure what Sarah's strategy could be. Kai had seen only a small glimpse of her powers, and was fairly certain Mu had sensed them coming.

Not really certain of what to do herself, she took the few moments Mu was occupied with Izzy to think. She closed her eyes. Surprisingly enough instead of thinking strategy her brain insisted upon an image of a well. This well was close by, she could sense it.

Kai felt the water in the well, she felt it grow restless, uneasy. It sloshed about violently, even though it was far to deep in the earth to be affected by wind. She opened her eyes, breaking concentration. She felt the water still.

Kai would have paid more attention to that strange phenomenon, but instead decided to push these almost instinctual feelings aside and go with what she'd known her entire life, hand to hand combat.

Still, the water nagged at her as she stepped out onto what had now become the battlefield. A storm was approaching fast, and it seemed to pick up speed with each thought of what her first move might be.

Kai stopped. She was fully prepared to engage, but was suddenly distracted by a new presence. Kei had arrived on outskirts of the scene as well. Kai now stood like a stone figure, should she go to them? Try and come up with a better strategy? Maybe come at Mu from all sides somehow?

Mu laughed hysterically as the rage inside him erupted and poured out him like molten lava. The rage was so intense everyone in the area could feel their own rage burning within them threatening to overwhelm their very sanity. There was one in particular who seemed to be unable to bring herself to overcome it. A scream of rage and anguish erupted from the edge of the woods and Mu stopped laughing and smiled evilly, He instantly disappeared and reappeared behind Sarah who was screaming endlessly on the verge of pure hysteria. He leaned in close whispering into her ear. His voice a soothing melody against the torrent of rage within her. " is all his fault...he abandoned you...forced you to wait here...he doesn't love you...he loves Millia...he always has..." Sarah's eyes narrowed as she whispered one word. .."Millia!" Mu smiled more and whispered again. "No child...leave her to me...take your revenge on Kei....kill kei...." Sarah's rage ended for a second as a single tear fell down from her left eye. Then suddenly just as soon as it disappeared her rage came back obliterating the ground in a two foot radius around her. She charged at Kei screaming incoherently as she planted her foot square in his stomach sending him flying and rolling through the forest. Another kick slammed him deep into the ground forming a crater and causing blood to spout from Kei's mouth and nose. "YOU NEVER LOVED ME KEI! YOU ALWAYS LOVED HER...NOW YOU WILL DIE WITH HER IN A GRAVE OF DIRT AND BLOOD!"

-as she continued to pound Kei deeper and deeper into the ground-

Mu laughed at the onslaught Sarah brought down upon Kei but then stopped and focused suddenly as another presence entered the area. He smiled evilly and appeared in front of her causing her to shriek. "You shouldn't have come..." for a moment it sounded as if it was the real Mu, pushing through. His voice sounded sad...defeated. "You were a fool to come here...what were you trying to accomplish.." Just then the voice changed back to the crazy evil Mu that it had been before, "Millia...Hakumei...." Millia had seemingly awoken to sneak away from Flynn who in all possibility had let her escape just to see what would happen. Millia had stumbled through the woods in a half stupefied half coherent state and was now cowering before the insane Mu who was laughing hysterically. Mu flicked his wrist and golden strings bound millia and carried her behind him as he floated through the forest.

Landing on the ground Mu touched it with his free hand and a giant ancient oak grew immediately from the spot in which he touched. Floating up into the air he reached the middle of the tree and slammed Millia agaisnt it with a thud. As Millia hung upside down very thick golden strings that looked more like rods pierced her hands and her feet in an upside down crucifixion. Millia screamed as her blood poured freely staining the golden strings turning them crimson. Mu then flicked his other hand and more strings, thin ones this time, pierced Millia's body at certain points constricting themselves around her vital organs tightening slightly every second, each pulse bringing greater screams from Millia adding to the rhythmic pounding and screams from Sarah as she pummeled Kei into his coffin. "Now...foolish you see the error in your thought yourself my equal? You have many years left before you could even make the attempt to challenge me."

Sarah finished her utter pummeling of Kei as he lay in a crater 6 feet underground barely breathing. Sarah's anger started to dissipate as she realized what she had done. She fell over onto the side of the crater sobbing uncontrollably.

The strings tightened sharply causing Millia to screech in pain the then abruptly pass out. Cutting her loose Mu carried the still breathing near corpse of Millia and laid her in Kei's arms in a lovers pose.

Sarah turned around to see that Mu had disappeared and she crawled over to Kei and Millia and began to cry over them. "What have i done..." She managed between sobs, "Kei my seems you were alway meant to be with her." Suddenly she felt something around her neck and closed her eyes. "Kei i will always love yo-" Her last words were cut off as her head fell into Kei and Millia's lap and her body fell over onto the side. Mu laughed as he flicked the blood of his strings. "Puppets...can never seem to keep their heads on straight."

"Interesting choice of words..." Ren spoke up as he stood upon a surface above Mu. Ren snapped his fingers and the people who had seemed to be getting destroyed vanished and only wood blocks remained. "You may be a master of strings, but a puppet master you are not, and neither am I in that matter." Ren spoke softly with his eyes still closed in that trusting, yet entrusting look. "Sarah was never here, and the two young ones are far away from here. Kei, if you noticed left earlier, but I did not think one could have fallen for his puppet, but I do guess you were a little busy."

It seemed as if he was already going to attack Mu, but before anything else Ren spoke up once again as he raised his hand. "Now, I am not a fighter, you should know this. When have I ever fought?" Ren chuckled to himself even in such a dire situation. "I honestly have no quarrel with you, whoever you really are at the moment, but I do suggest not releasing yourself here." He spoke not to Mu, but to what Mu seemed to be possessed by. "But all in good time, be patient." Ren said again before he too suddenly became wood as he vanished.

It seemed Kei had returned somewhat early though, and even overheard some of Ren's words as it began to create mistrust towards Ren, but this was not the time or place to think of such a thing. It was then when he noticed Kai upon the scene, but he did nothing but raise a small finger towards her signifying to hold on a second. "Mu, I never realizes that you wear so.....weak." He insulted purposely to try and drag the real Mu out. "Come on Mu, You can do better then this..." He said as he activated his equip power as he pulled out a massive tower shield and lance from the portals he formed. "Hit me with one single punch, do not let me down. Do not let the person who became jealous of YOU down." He said in a louder voice as well a an anger tone hidden behind it.

Sarah was still half a mile off before she would reach the area where the fight was taking place, but she stopped as she realized she could not fight at this very moment. It has been many years since a real fight, and she trusted that Kei should be able to handle it, at least for now as she lied against a tree while focusing her energies.

Millia began to stir as Flynn was still holding onto her and Ai, getting them far away from the battle location. She groaned as she slowly took in what was happening. She was being helped to escape, but, Sarah was still in danger as well as Kei she thought as she began to struggle from Flynns grip, not even using a quarter if the energy she could use. "Let go of my this instant!" Millia yelled loudly. "I have to go get them! I can't let anything bad happen to them! She yelled with tears in her eyes. "Please, take Ai away and let me get to the battle!"

Knowing that if Millia got any more alert she'd probably tear his arm off, Flynn quickly pinched an important vein in her neck. Her struggling got weaker and weaker until she was thankfully unconscious for the second time.

Flynn set both girls down gently and hid the bodies with a dense covering of foliage. For this he picked plants with an extremely unattractive odor, in order to disguise their scents from predatory animals that might be lurking about. "There we go, out of immediate danger." Flynn said to himself as he rubbed his hands together, punctuating his job well done. Noticing the storm traveling to at an unprecedented pace to the battlefield, he furrowed his brow. "Now to keep you out of immediate danger..." he thought to himself.

Kai barely heard her brother's words. Lightning struck her repeatedly as she walked calmly towards the madness. The sound was beyond deafening, but the sensation was exhilarating. Electricity danced through her body while the heavens let loose. The water in the well grew violent yet again, it's volume ever increasing.

Her eyes glowed a fierce red. Without a word Kai threw her arms out. She allowed the stored power to exit her body. An immense current traveled through every raindrop before it landed, completely blanketing the area with electricity. Everyone in the storm's now very centralized area of effect felt the shock, friend or foe. This was an unfortunate effect that Kai didn't account for, but at this moment it didn't seem like that big a deal. Now, officially in auto-pilot Kai could feel no empathy for anyone but her ward.

A very peculiar situation had arisen indeed. A guardian's abilities stem only from it's purpose to protect it's power, but since her power was now powerless (if she'd even been a power to begin with, and not some elaborate ruse to trick Kai's D.N.A.) there was no natural balance to the scenario. In this state she was most likely stronger than Kei who'd previously been considered the stronger of the two, as Kai had never before manifested any elemental power.

Mu screamed in pain but the scream soon turned into a mirthful laugh as he saw Kei fall to the ground stunned, the look of determination still on his face. As the lightning coursed through his body he shivered with delight and trepidation. This was what he was waiting for...This was what he had been robbed of by the clever Ren, although he would have his revenge on him yet. Turning to face Kai he smiled and laughed hysterically. "You...", he said licking his lips, "You are the power that i have been searching give me a challenge." Mu charged at Kai and flicked his wrist but his strings failed to respond. Sensing something wrong Mu broke off the attack. After a few seconds thought he turned to Kei and flicked his wrist. The strings reacted tying themselves around Kei and throwing him into the nearest tree. He flick his wrist again and Kei's lance and were crushed into a green powder banished to the realm from whence they had come. Sufficiently satisfied with the results Mu once again turned to Kai and tried once again to attack and once again his strings failed. Mu roared in frustration and he charged headlong into Kai with a punched aimed right at her head. Mu instantly froze just inches form her face as if he had hit a wall. "What is this....", Mu hissed in anger and surprise, "I can't...touch you..." Mu landed on his feet and attempted an uppercut to Kai's stomach and was again stopped just inches from her. The keen observer, and in this sate Mu not being one, would have noted the two oddly colored bells that had appeared above each of Kai's shoulders. Suddenly Mu was pushed back violently and he went crashing through the trees. Spitting blood he rose and said, "Damn you...."

Millia opened her eyes. She was surrounded by a thick darkness as she felt a trickle of fear around her as she appeared to be stationary inside of her own power, but this was not entirely the case. Millia had woken up insider her own mind as she lied their unconscious.

"Where am I?" She asked softly to herself as she slowly rose to her feet. Looking around she felt a surge of fear about her as she began to walk forward. The darkness seemed to follow her every step, each step causing the floor to grow darker like a foot print.

She continued on her walking path as her fear intensified while hearing the distant sounds of screams. The sounds, both female and male, seemed to creep closer with each passing step, but she pressed on. "Wh-what is this?" She asked with a cracked voice as she looked about her. After many moments of walking forward, something appeared on the edge of the horizon admits the darkness. Even though she could not see it she felt a surge of sadness emanating from it.

As she grew closer she could see that it was a lifeless body. She stopped in her tracks for a minute before being compelled to move forward. The body appeared to be that of Mu. The sudden sight of this caused Millia's eyes to widen with both fear and depression as she fell to her knees next to him. "" She began as her psyche seemed to begin to crack. "I don't want to see you go..." She said as she crawled over to Mu's body. "I don't even want to be there..." As images of what his death may had been like floated around her. Millia covered up her eyes as she said loudly, "I will cover up my eyes, and pray for it to go away..."

After repeating that to herself for what seemed like an eternity, she removed her hands to see Mu's body still there, nothing changed. "Y-you've only lived a minute of your life..., I must be dreaming....please stop screaming.." She said as the scream grew larger still.

Upon looking towards Mu, she could see, and feel tears from his eyes. "I- I don't like to hear you cry, you just- don't know how deep that cuts me... so I'm just going to cover up my eyes, and it will go away..." She said as she tried yet again to ignore what was in front of her.

"You've only lived a minute of your life. I must be dreaming, please, oh please stop screaming!" She began to repeat incessantly.

"Millia....Millia....," Came a voice from all around her.

"I hear my name.... is someone calling me?" She asked as she continued to hold onto her eyes. "I hear my name!" She said out loud in a crazy haste.

"Millia!" Came the voice louder.

"That icy breath that whispers screams of pain...." She said as she uncovered her eyes. "I don't want to feel you die...,but if that's the way that God has planned you....oh." She said as she felt around her pockets. "Ah! I- I'll put pennies on your eyes, " She said as she did so. "And it will go away....see?" She said as she imagined the pennies falling off, his eyes opening, but to no avail. "You've only lived a moment of your life....I MUST be dreaming..."


"Is someone calling me?" She asked as she looked around herself. "No..."


"I think I hear a voice, it's just outside the door!" She said as she looked wildly around her as other bodies of her crew mates, her friends began to unfold all around her.


"I hear my name..." She said again as her psyche seemed to both repair and break at the same time.


"Is someone calling me?" She asked hurriedly as she looked at all the bodies around her. "I hear my name!" She yelled.


"What do you want?!" She yelled as she began to break down.


"What do you want?! What do you want, what do you want, what do you want?!" She yelled repeatedly as the voices drew closer, the bodies beginning to seemingly gain color.

"Millia, Millia, Millia," Suddenly all the voices became clear, and from the bodies which seemed alive even though they still lie still.

"I hear my name..." Millia said as she began to smile at her friends being alright. "I can hear it!" She yelled again, more clearly. "And I know what you want!" As she said this the darkness around her faded into a bright white light that shone with a magnificent beauty. Those who have faced themselves, and accept their fears can do anything their heart desires if it is to protect the ones they love.

Millia got blinded by the white light all the while smiling as she suddenly jerked up in the real world while power surrounded her, seeping out of everywhere, but this time was different, this time it was controlled.

The burst of power had even awoken Ai, who was speechless at the glowing Millia, who was not glowing her usual dark purple, but now a bright violet. Millia said nothing, but smiled to Ai and told her to not worry as she walked out of the hiding spot Flynn had attained for them. "Everyone....I'm sorry for being so heartless, and although I may never completely change, I will try to be better to you, so please await me on the battle field, I don't want any of my loved ones to suffer!" She said as she gathered her power under her feet to move at an intensified speed towards the battlefield.

Kairi saw Mu's impact into the trees. If she hadn't been in such a rage she might have taken a minute to ponder why he hadn't struck her when he had the chance, but sadly at this point it only made her angrier. He was too far away to hit directly now...

The well water responded enthusiastically to the new level of rage and finally sprang from it's dank basin.

It got behind and pushed her with tremendous speed. As she rushed forward the water gathered on her fists, forming what could only be described as gloves. Upon impact there was an enormous splash.

The water "gloves" enhanced Kairi's strength substantially. Her fighting style was the same as it had always been, but now it packed an elemental punch. She backed up as Mu tried to get up. Kai clapped and on cue the water hit him on both sides. It felt good to unleash this new found power, her rage was subsiding. She wasn't sure what else she could do, and the thought excited her.

Her target was getting muddy so she decided to wash him off once more with a powerful wave. He stayed on the ground a bit longer this time. She decided to wait until he got up. Maybe he would do something she would have to try and counter, maybe not, the uncertainty was thrilling.

Flynn was well on his way to the battle. Completely focused on what he should do if need be. It wouldn't be pleasant and it would take one of the prime chaos factors out of his equation of fun, but if it were necessary he wouldn't hesitate. Not only that, the lab rat surely needed assistance. She was a bit standoffish, but there was something...strange about her, and he liked it.

Too fast and too quiet for anyone to see or hear Mu smiled slightly with a look of sanity and pride on his fast as he whispered, "Ata girl..." Just as quickly as it had appeared the sanity left his eyes and he screamed with rage as the water doused him. "NOW...YOU HAVE PISSED ME OFF" The ground around Mu, in a 6 foot radius, vaporized as a red energy exploded from him leaving a shallow crater. The moonlight, now showing through the fresh holes in the foliage above him, shone down on him lighting him in an eerie white glow which made him look all the more gaunt and insane. "Now...witch of the sea....I shall show you true magic....cower in fear and know the folly of your paltry parlor tricks." Mu then closed his eyes and began to hum softly at first but then quickly the sound grew louder and louder until in thundered and echoed through the woods. The hum became an "ah" sound and then quickly became a roar which grew to such decibels that it was akin to the sound of the heartrending flames of hell. Suddenly Mu burst into flames which expanded as fast as lightning incinerating the forest one hundred feet in each direction.

Unbeknown to Mu seconds before his outburst a green and purple ball of energy appeared surrounding Izzy and Kai respectively, leaving them both unharmed.
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Completely oblivious to the chaos and madness unfolding around him, Izzy plummeted silently into the darkness around him, eyes clamped shut like a vice.

Determined to ignore the darkness around him, and whatever lay within, Izzy attempted to distract himself with some thoughts on what had just unfolded.

"Well, that clearly went a lot worse than I had planned. I mean I knew Captain Mu was strong, but that...That wasn't even HUMAN. I mean what was I..."

Izzy trailed off in his thoughts as he realized something was making contact with his fingertips as he fell, something moist and slimy.

He opened his eyes, entirely on reflex, and to his own horror saw the shadows around him slowly start to encroach on his personal space, crawling up his skin towards his face.

"No...No...Stay away! Back! BACK!" He shouted as a warm light grew over him for a split second, casting away the shadows, but then the light quickly faded, and Izzy realized that he was once more trapped in the darkness, falling for who knows how long.

"No this can't be...Come back! Come back to me!" He began to scream as the light faded from him, leaving him alone with the darkness once again. For that was all of the power within him that Izzy had managed to hide from Mu's furious rampage, and without it, he was alone in the darkness, left to face his fears.

Izzy quickly curled in on himself as he fell, hoping to compact himself as much as possible, to avoid the darkness, and should he actually make contact with the ground, suffer as little damage as possible.

As he huddled in on himself and shut his eyes once more, the true terror of the situation he found himself in began to settle on Izzy.

He was alone.

He had no control.

He was trapped.

And when this dawned on him, Isaiah Roma did what any man would do when the realize that they are trapped.

He screamed.

On the horizon a bright violet aura appeared as Millia flew towards the location of the fight. Her eyes opened wide as she witnessed the explosion of flame seemingly coming from Mu as she intensified her speed. Within moments of that time she landed hard on the ground in front of Mu, making a small crater with her landing. Her eyes glowed violet as she showed off an impressive smile for her to have on.

"Mu, come to your true self, won't you?" She asked him as she slowly walked to him, not a flame anywhere near her harming her while she ignored everything around her and focused on Mu. "Your in there, the real you, but how could you let this thing take over you? You taught me better then that once before, now come Mu." She continued speaking as she walked ever closer to him, dodging any blows that may had been thrown before getting within inches of him. "I want my precious Mu back, come back to me." She said as she grabbed his hand, and ever so softly kissed his arm.

The being that was Mu looked down at the pitiful creature on his arm with a look devoid of emotion. Once again he started to feel that strange feeling deep from within but this time it was stronger. fool...get away....GET AWAY said a voice from deep inside him with such strong emotions that it nearly broke the rage being's hold upon him. Silence as I destroy your precious little....puppet...yes that is the right word for it...all of these fools you call your friends have all just been puppets to you.[/color] No...that isn't true...that was never true. the inner Mu cried out trying hard to regain control but with every second he was pushed deeper. Admit it...these fools are your manipulate them with your strings foolish mortal...they are beneath you and you guide their every action with a hand from the shadows but soon...soon they will start to surpass you, they will start to move out of your reach... STOP IT THAT IS NOT TRUE It happened once before....remember Romala...Millia began to move in ways you did not see fit so you took used your powers to take control and dramatically shift the events in your favor and have been doing such ever since. Everything you do Mu it is all a game and like all games eventually you will lose... You are Mu was dumbstruck and defeated. He had always told himself he was helping them. Guiding them along the path of life making them better but this spirit was right. Everything they did benefited him, and just like the last time he was going to lose his crew again and be forced to watch helplessly from the sidelines.

The evil entity smiled as it once again assumed total control of the body. "Foolish girl...I AM NOT MU!" He punched Millia in the face sending her flying through the woods as he sped up and continually beat her as she flew backwards not even using his strings as if to drive his point home. Millia landed with a large thud on the ground and stopped after skidding a few feet leaving a trail in dirt. The being stood over her a look of insane triumph over his face. "NOW LOOK MORTAL LOOK AS I KILL ONE OF YOUR PRECIOUS PUPPETS" He wound up his fist drawing it far behind his head as it began to glow a deep red.
As the fist came forward the entity roared aloud.

Inside his own body Mu ws frantically trying to regain some semblance of control. As he saw the fist come closer and closer to Millia he summoned all his energy for one last try.

"MILLIAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA" MILLIAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA The roar turned into a dual voiced cry and right as the fist was to hit Millia Mu's other hand reached out and threw her out of the way sending her crashing into a tree one hundred feet away. Milliseconds later the fist made contact with solid ground blasting the ground and the surrounding area into a crater vaporizing everything in its path.

Exhausted the real Mu faded into the depths of his own psyche to rest and recuperate, the last of his energy and willpower spent saving the life of one of his crew proving once and for all that they were not just puppets of his but his family.

The being that was Mu stood up seething with rage. He opened his mouth and titled his head towards the sky. "DAMN YOU FOOLISH MORTAL YOU WILL PAY FOR THAT RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWR"
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Boom Kersplash. Panic and terror was his world. Pain and suffering his only friends. He hadn't always been like this...No in fact he had been a captain a dread pirate captain feared throughout the known seas but that seemed like ages ago. Now his ship lay in ruin the remaining members of his crew strangled before his very eyes. He crawled through blood and guts some his own some of his late crew. He reached the portside after what seemed like an eternity and fumbled for a handhold as he forced himself up screaming through the pain. He saw before him the true terror of the high seas. Long thought to be a myth he knew he had come upon the dreaded White Devil. The ship got its name from sea water that evaporated upon its entirety covering the rope bound ship in a thick layer of sea salt. At its helm was the devil himself. A giant of a man, nearly 7 feet tall, and muscles larger than any normal human, laughed viciously, a deep cold evil laugh that tore at the very soul of even the strongest of men. The man flicked his wrists around and the multitude of ropes moved in various ways most steering the ship but some twisted and snaked their way across to the captains ship strangling the lucky ones and quartering the others. The latter's screams still rang in his ears. Their blood still soaked his face and his hands.

Suddenly there was silence...sweet glorious silence. He would soon realize this was not a good thing. Slowly the devil's head turned and his glowing red eyes locked the Captain's into a death stare. For an instant the captain saw and felt his own death and he re-leaved himself unto his pants. The devil jumped from his ship and landed with a large thud behind the captain. With a sinister grin the devil summoned his ropes and bound the hands and feet of the scared helpless Captain. With a voice of pure steel he whispered, "Scum of the earth.... I am Vice Admiral Rosu Tsukazu. I shall be your judge and jury...You have been found guilty prepare to die a slow death." This was all he spoke as the ropes lifted the man up to the broken mast binding him to it. His arms and legs were stretched tight and the ropes were bound in an intricate pattern. Weights were tied at various locations and all the ropes met at a certain point at the foot of the mast. "You live for will either starve...or some kind soul will try and release you....Pray that you starve." Rosu then raised the one working sail and bound the wheel in the direction of the nearest island just visible on the horizon. He knew there was a port there and it would take the pirate several days to reach it.

Hopping back onto his ship Rosu set sail following his instincts chasing after the Hakumei child...and his old quarry....Mu Ran...the executioner....He had a score to settle...a wife to avenge...

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~3 days later~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

The broken ship limped into port clumsily bumping into the dock. As if on command the remaining tattered sail fell leaving the ship broken and battered. The locals rushed to the ship but instantly backed away as they saw the blood and dessicated remains. One brave soul stepped foot on the ship and called to the broken man hanging from the mast. "You still alive up there?" The beaten captain moaned inaudibly. The native man looked down and saw the rope and began to fiddle with it. "I will have you down in a jiff." "No....don..." Was all the captain could muster the pain from hunger too great the lack of drink making his voice useless. Suddenly he felt the rope slack as the man undid the knot. The slack was quickly replaced by tremendous force as the weights tied to the ropes on each limb fell each pulling their respective limbs in different directions. The captain screamed despite his parched throat as he was ripped slowly into four pieces. His final thoughts were of the Demon and his White Devil...and the horrible horrible laugh.

"Im coming for you Mu Ran...and the little Hakumei too...."
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The demon Mu charged into the woods knocking Kai aside as he charged by. He stopped suddenly realizing something as a smile came across his face. He turned an quicker than the eye could see he grabbed Kai by the neck and began to choke her. "I can harm you now....I CAN KILL YOU NOW!" He laughed as he squeezed harder and harder cutting off precious oxygen. Kai's gurgles and weakening struggles amused him so much he failed to notice the glowing light coming from the pendant around her neck. Next thing the demon knew he was flying backwards grunting as he slammed through the few remaining trees left in the area. "WHAT WAS THAT!" Standing in the clearing was a fair haired blond women dressed in spiked leather clothing with a red admirals jacket across her shoulders. She rode a mighty boar, both enveloped in a film of red light causing them to glow eerily. The woman seemed to scare the demon greatly. "W-WHAT.....HOW.....YOU ARE DEAD....I AM FREE." The woman merely stared at him with a gaze that would destroy a lesser man. She urged the boar forward and as she did two lights one green and the other pink floated behind her. As she got closer the lights took human form. One a short fat man with long dangling hair, the other a tall skinny man with short hair and one false eye. Each of them seemed to stare into the very soul of the demon, even the boar, for they were there for a purpose. With a voice that was smooth like an angels but one that carried the power to sail a thousands ships with but one command she spoke. " dare take control of my lover...You are an abomination...a being that should never have existed...." The demon started to rise and began to seethe with rage, energy pouring out of him like a storm. Not deterred in the slightest the woman known as Kiralia urged her steed forward. "Onwards Fred...thats a good boy." As the boar approached the demon the energy aura around Mu began to shrink. With each step the precession took, the sound of a bell echoed throughout the woods. The bell seemed to hurt the demon as it screamed, not with the voice of our beloved Mu...but with the voice of the demon a multitude of pitches from very deep to very high. With each step the bell tolled louder and the demon matched it with screams of agony. The precession stopped a mere foot in front of Mu but the bell tolled on. "For whom the bell tolls.... "It tolls...for thee...." -Grunt....Grunt...- "Have you ever wondered why my guardian was called the terror of the bells...It is because the sound of the bell weakens you keeps you docile...shrink down into the very depths of Mu-Ra's soul stay there forever more..." Kiralia turned to Meri and Geri and smiled. "Thank you both for keeping him safe...I must ask that you continue to do so." She turned back to the demon and reached down touching his face causing the terror stricken thing to rise. It rose out of Mu's body and took its true form. It was an ugly demon comprised of spikes and twists and grotesque faces all over its body that had an all too human quality each trapped forever in expressions of pain and agony." Mu awoke as this was happening and immediately tears welled up in his eyes. "Kiralia my are you here..." With a look that was a mix of both pain and love Kiralia looked at her lover and spoke to him for the first time in a time too long. "Mu love....I must leave you for a long long fact we may never speak again." She flicked her wrist in much the same way that Mu was often seen doing and the demon froze in the air, a look of pure terror across his face. Kiralia dismounted and knelt before her love embracing the battered and beaten man. "What...What do you mean...?" he asked with a broken voice that strained holding back torrents of emotion. "Mu...I am using mine and Fred's energy to create a seal...this seal can only be broken...when you are ready to face and defeat the demon...Only a guardian has the power to defeat this demon but in saving you...I gave him to you....I am truly may be ready to defeat this demon and we can once again meet in the confines of your soul but until then...I will remain silent..." Tears flowed from both their eyes as Mu pulled Kiralia in for a passionate kiss knowing that this may be the last time he ever could do this. It would be a moment he would remember forever. "My not blame yourself...I will someday defeat this demon....i promise you..." Kiralia smiled as she pulled away and remounted Fred. "You better...thats an order Mu navigator..." As if on cue the demon screamed and Fred charged straight into it causing the three to meld into a single ball of energy which then flew into Mu's chest making him glow with a radient light. Meri and Geri faded into their own balls of light and returned to take their place inside his bells. Mu smiled through his tears as the glow faded from him. " Captain...." He then faded into a deep dreamless slumber.
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Kai took a moment to catch her breath, the ordeal was over. She fell to her knees exhausted as her elemental power subsided. "What was that? Who was that woman? Why was she riding a boar?" She thought to herself. There was no way to get any answers now, and she wasn't entirely sure she needed any. After all, whoever she was she'd saved their lives.

Without getting up Kai yelled out "Anyone who's still conscious and able, please assist your injured crew mates back to Sara's cabin." That was the first step. Gathering everyone up and tending to the hurt. She'd lost track of what happened in the rush of battle. She hoped there was enough of the crew left standing to take everyone back in one trip. Pushing off with her hands, Kai slowly rose to her feet. She walked over to where Mu slept. Carefully she picked him up and slung him over her shoulders. She was about to look for someone else to carry when a bout of dizziness struck her. "Oh no you don't!" she told her body as it started to sway.

"Doesn't seem like you're one of the able ones." A smug voice whispered from right behind her. "Of all the nerve!" She spat. "YOU weren't even capable of the ONE thing I asked of you." Kai tried to wheel around and face him, but instead ended up loosing her balance. Flynn caught her and transferred Mu over to his shoulder in one fluid motion. "Well the first problem with your logic is that you think I'd take orders from a mutant." He laughed as he released her. "Even so I did what I saw fit to keep the whelp safe. I mean it wouldn't do for anyone else to kill her would it? No money in that. It wasn't the right time to do the deed either. I'll know when it feels...right." Kai's face was one of pure disgust. "Then why did I see her enter the battle field?" She said through clenched teeth. Flynn winked before responding "She's more willful than me if you can believe it. She was out and already here before I was even half the way to this mess." Kai rolled her eyes "Useless." She muttered. "Useless?" Flynn feigned suprise at the comment. "I'm not the one who can barely stand. Why don't you hop up on my other shoulder? There's plenty of Flynn to go around. Can't say as I wouldn't enjoy the view either." Kai's face grew red. "I'm FINE, I was invulnerable for most of the battle anyway!" Flynn laughed another hearty laugh. "Tell that to the lovely bruise in the shape of your captains hand on your neck. Your little rain dance took a lot out of you too. You can't hide these things from me, it's part of my job to pick out weakness." Kai wanted to beat his assassin brains in. "For something so genetically manipulated you sure do bruise easily, factory defect?"

Instead of responding Kai forced herself to be useful. She simply turned away and continued her search for someone to carry back. "Piss on that idiot..." she said to herself. "I don't know why we've let him live this long anyway... The second he makes an attempt on Millia's life he's done for."

Flynn started towards the cabin. "Well that was somewhat disappointing." he thought. He figured that last comment would set her over the edge for sure. She was so entertaining when she was flustered. Instead she just walked away, that was no fun. All of that aside Flynn was really glad he hadn't needed to do anything drastic. "Still around eh big fella?" he said to the unconscious Mu "You are one of the best sources of fun here. Would have been a shame to lose such a dynamic element."
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Ai, catching up behind Flynn, walked up to Kai with concern of her condition. " Kai, you need your rest let myself and Ren handle the healing and cleaning." She said as she saw Ren finishing clearing many planks and trees away from the house. "Millia is ok as well," She said as she then pointed towards where Millia had been thrown as she rubbed her head shaking it before running over to Flynn and Mu's unconscious body. Sarah just now finally appeared onto the scene as she took to care for the nearly unconsious Kei. The scene everywhere was complete destruction, and the noise seemed to begin to grab the attention of the citizens in the town over. Sarah picked Kei up softly as she walked over to Millia who had just caught up to Mu and Flynn.

"Mu..? Is he going to be alright?" Millia asked Flynn in a worried tone. Not even caring of her own appearance any longer she tagged along as Sarah quietly follow the teo listening in.

"Kai," Ai began again. "You must rest, or if you would like to help, come with me and we shall attend to everyone's wounds together." She offered as she extended a welcoming hand.

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"Sure he will." Flynn said smiling broadly at his designated hit. He then feigned a look of doubt "Of course I'm no doctor...There are similarities don't get me wrong. I cut people up with knives, he cuts people up with knives...Though our end games are admittedly different. At least they are with the doctor side of him, I'd say the other part and I are more on the same page in that respect." He laughed. "I wouldn't worry though sweetheart, he's the main character type." He finished with a wink. Of course, if he had anything to do with it, they'd be at least one main character short by the end of his mission.

"Very well, but first we have to get everyone under one roof." Kai answered Ai's suggestion, but was too tired to take her hand. "Is there anyone who isn't currently being carried to the cabin?" Just then a curious villager started onto the field. He was a farmer no doubt, and he was carrying his pitchfork defensively. "What's all uh this here noise!?" He yelled across the field. "Sounded like the world was funna end." Kai lifted her fingers to her temple. A headache was coming on. "Nevermind that Ai I'll check the field, would you please deal with him? " She had no patience for civilians right now.
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Ai nodded to Kai as she then ran over to the civilian, "Do not worry sir," she said in a sweet voice. "It was just an underground explosion from them being silly, trying to make their own mine, do not worry, and everyone is all alright." She said in the cutest smile possible.

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The man looked Ai over suspiciously, but decided to drop it. "All right then, so long as that's the last o' it." He shook his head as he turned back to wherever he came from. Kai was relieved when she saw that everyone was doing what she asked. Upon arriving at the cabin, she plopped down into the nearest chair. Her entire body throbbed dramatically, and the adrenaline hadn't even worn off yet. She was not looking forward to the aches and pains the next week would undoubtedly bring her.

After putting Mu in one of the upstairs bedrooms, Flynn came down the stairs whistling a tune. "Do you mind?" Kai spoke up. Flynn said nothing, but the whistling got louder. "Ugh!" Kai exclaimed, throwing herself up out of the chair. "After what I just went through I don't need to hear your stupid..." The combination of rising suddenly and the massive stress of battle had finally taken it's toll. As she fell forward she realized whatever it was she had to say hadn't been important, sleep was important...only sleep. Unsurprised, Flynn lunged and caught her. "That's right, the tired rat never finds the cheese at the end of the maze." he said, shaking his head. After finding another spare upstairs bedroom for Kai, Flynn decided to go see what the local pub had to offer in the way of secrets, information, and booze.
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"Flynn," Ren said as he caught him before leaving the house. "Allow me to go with you." He continued as he flipped his hair over his eyes, but alas a few strands still lie in front of his right eye. "I wanted to go into town myself, a few errands, and I'd like to see the library." After asking he stepped outside and viewed the wreckage of the forest around them. "And I'll clean this up myself later."

Inside the house Millia was by Mu's side, resting on the couch in the room where he lied. She at first was keeping herself awake, but slowly fell into a sleep, right by Mu's side.

Sarah was still in the process of treating Kei's wounds in the living room as they both waved bye to Flynn and Ren. Sarah was giving words of comfort to Kei, but after a short amount of time Kei just held onto her tightly, not letting go of his firm grip while Sarah closed her eyes and held him strongly.

Ai was in the basement, preparing what they had for a small supper for everyone, and with her was the doll. She thought it best to keep the doll away from Kei for the time being seeing as well as that Ren seemed to begin to take a liking too it as well, and she wanted to explore upon that. "He wanted to see the library, I wonder what he's looking into this time?" She asked herself aloud as she prepared ingredients. "THe last time he did research we came upon that doll which he said belongs to the Hakumei family, but I am not too sure on that anymore..."

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Mu woke with a start and a groan, he had no idea where he was or how he got there, just a vague feeling that he had been fighting. "Apparently I've been fighting the entire royal navy....oh the aches...." He winced as he got up and checked himself. He had a few cracked ribs and was bruised almost everywhere. Looking around he saw Millia passed out nearby. He shook her awake gently. "Hey Millia....what the hell happened to me?"
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Millia'a eyes opened slowly and softly as she blinked moving slightly the massive bags under her eyes.  " tapped into...a dark energy source...from..within..."  She said in what she had thought occurred.  She couldn't turn her head well, but had her eyes trained on Mu as she spoke further, "Something like a shade...or emitten force, quiet possibly from your inner thoughts or past coming forth.."  The straightforward talking was off from her usual personality until she spoke just once more, "You nearly killed us all, Idiot."  With emphasis on the word idiot as she attempted to give off her strength hadn't gone anywhere.  

"What's this, out of bed Sir Mu?  Now that will not do."  Sarah said as she quickly, but softly entered the room and placed Mu right back into his bed. "You will stay in this bed until healed, and so will she."  She said as Millia made a half attempt to sit up only to be pushed down by a slight emitting light from Sarah's hand.  "If you want to talk go ahead, but do it from your own beds, and now I think I shall grab the medicine freshly made to increase the healing process, and yes it does taste quiet horrible."  She said in a cheery voice that could raise anyone's morale.  Even when they all first met her she felt trusting, and caring like a mother, but in a situation like this one could feel it ever so stronger that it could crack a smile even on the most dearly in pain.

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PostSubject: Re: To the Edge of the World(Permission Via Skype)   To the Edge of the World(Permission Via Skype) - Page 2 Empty

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To the Edge of the World(Permission Via Skype)
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