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 Persona RP concept

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PostSubject: Persona RP concept   Persona RP concept EmptyMon Nov 17, 2014 11:09 pm

I art thou... Thou art I...
From the sea of thy soul, I come

I wait for one to master my power
Come forth, chosen one
And hide your Truth no more!

People disappear all the time from individual perspectives. They move away, schedules change so incidental acquaintances no longer meet, and conversations with friends dwindle as interests and availability change. This is nothing new. But what of those that disappear completely? A search, you say? Groups getting together to find the lost soul? But then they are not gone completely, as memory remains. It is far more difficult to find one who disappears so completely that even memory and records vanish. What's that you say? That's impossible? Look closely, and see the Truth!

Classrooms that once felt full, now nearly empty. Far more work for an office to handle, yet having an impression that there should be enough people to get it done. An expectation of the arrival of many, yet finding so few present. Lack of foresight? A change in others? Perhaps, but not this time... People are disappearing, and those few that do remember are held as fools and unstable, speaking lies.

None seem to notice easily, but suspicion has started to grow. Large cities, but so few people. Busy and rapid public transit, but not enough people to warrant its use. Complex is the question without words, and a mystery to those who seek answers. Perhaps a Shadow of what was and might be spiriting people away? A vengeful or silent observer suddenly taking action? Time is growing ever shorter. Will you find the Truth of this mystery?


As anyone who recognizes the first few lines can guess, this is an attempt to get a Persona-themed RP going. I have no intent to "steal" the idea, and pieced this together without looking at any other RP on this forum, active or conceptual. This will be mostly free-form, with the Burning Wheel rules of setting in place. (For those that don't understand the reference, it will be explained.) While the "mystery" is not going to be revealed here and now (what fun would knowing the answers be?), there will be a few points given as a baseline.

First: As should be obvious by the theme, Personas will play a large part in this, and be required for a character to "seek the Truth". As such, all of those participating will have one. Strength, powers, and abilities will be mostly "abstract", only required to follow a theme for the chosen Arcana.

Second: Arcana is not just the Persona powerset, but also a broad description of personality. As such, it will be expected for characters to follow the Arcana's theme, especially after the Persona is awakened.

Third: A Persona is not required to be "awake" in the first post. In fact, my preference would be using the first few posts to build the character a bit and then go through "awakening". Preferably solo-events, but no hard rules here.

Fourth: An awakened Persona protects against "forgetting". As in: Characters will (most likely) have forgotten people who "disappeared" prior to the start, but as soon as a Persona awakens that individual will never "forget" again. The world around will continue to forget as people disappear, however.

Fifth: As mentioned before, it will be "Burning Wheel" rules of setting. What that means is that the first person to mention something can be assumed correct. Example: If I mention going somewhere without describing it, and someone else says the building is painted bright pink, then the building is bright pink even if I didn't want it to be. Because I did not describe it myself.

I think that's everything? Questions? Comments? Discussion? I'll follow with individual detailing for the various Arcana for powers and personalities soon, but if you want a head-start you can go <<-- there and look for yourself.
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Persona RP concept
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