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 Persona or not to persona?

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Persona or not to persona? Empty
PostSubject: Persona or not to persona?   Persona or not to persona? EmptyFri Aug 30, 2013 10:24 pm

Thou art I. I art Thou.

Welcome to the velvet room.

Or that how it should or would start. I've been getting into the persona series again as of late and i would love to do a persona rp you see the problem is i only have a few things ironed out and need help with the rest but i dont see the point if no one would join it. i even have these to help people with ideas of arcana.

things i have so far for you all to know:
your arcana will help shape your abilities.
If you already know the persona series your persona doesn't have to be a pre-existing one you can "create" one.
your persona must have at least one elemental strength and weakness. 
ability wise your persona starts of with: 1 elemental ability of the lowest level, 1 passive ability, and 1 buff/debuff/status/healing

for abilities i thought we could use this list just to make things easier

well thats about it Questions, concerns, interested? Need somethign specified? ask away.
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Persona or not to persona?
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